I Cannot Hug You



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Its been many months since Cheese in the Trap but finally got same feels from another male lead, Xing Zhao Lin.
Recommended by CJ2516
The male leads both can't touch humans until the female lead slowly makes their fear go away. It's actually quite similar and they're both really cute.
Recommended by Grace
Both male main protagonist has germophobe they both are very clean and fear of germs. Both has a short amount of episodes and has a sequel to it.
Recommended by Angela
I cannot hug you and I cannot hug you two has the same lead. They are also a sequel both of 16 episodes the sequel just continues the first season.
Recommended by Angela
They both have vampire boyfriends. Must be an ongoing trend considering MAB was last year. Do you think Twilight started this?
Recommended by Overwind
both are about a guy who can’t touch people and come close to human contact except a certain girl. i cannot hug you has supernatural elements to it though whereas sm:)pe doesn’t
Recommended by lololol
The show isn't out but from the description they sound similar. The male lead cant interact with the opposite gender..its similar to how jiang zhi hao cant interact with ppl. Tho jang zhi hao opened up to the fml because she was persistent while the ml in about is love opened up (??) to the fml because he is immune to her
Recommended by Faye
- aired by the same director
- same genre style: youth, romance, comedy
Recommended by jia
Both female lead is a vampire who falls in love with a human male lead. Both show the vampire family members and friends (second male lead) of the female lead and in ICHY, the vampire clan has evolved that they no longer drink blood but gained energy through human contact. However in ICHY, the male lead is a germophobe (dislike human contact) and in OM, the male lead hates vampire.
Recommended by loveanimeever
A movie of a vampire who falls in love with a boy when she was little. This movie has a feeling of vampire views and shows the life of them
Recommended by Tmahi
both the dramas male lead suffers from germophobia and both are cute as well... both female lead look so cute and gorgeous ... light hearted ROM com ..
Recommended by sandhyamohanraj
They both have Zhang yu xi as main lead. Both are Romance and youth drama. Both dramas have 16 episode.
Recommended by Angela