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Jul 21, 2012

Something's missing... but overall great ending

Jae Joong has such a beautiful voice *-* So soothing. And his secret hobby lol XD he looks good even in that pink apron :D

All this talk about relationship approval is still annoying to me, even if I'm used to it. Why must Asian children always have that kind of parents?! I really didn't expect this of PTB. Even if they're approaching it lightly, the matter is still there, and it's annoying to think about.

I really like No Eun Seol XD She's so awesome. She can see through anything Ji Heon is trying to do lol She's so casually asking if he's proposing XD I feel a bit sorry for him, he can't surprise her lol
I'm happy they didn't show much of the wedding, I really find those kind of scenes TOO cheesy and a bit depressive. I felt something was missing though... I'm not sure what, maybe they should have ended in a funny way. But it was ok. Much better than other drama endings.

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