Protect the Boss



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-Overall very similar vibe
-Both are actually funny, like I-almost-peed-laugh-out-loud-cute-funny
-Guy is chick's boss
-Chick is a badass but gives off a natural vibe of something else (Strong Woman: chick is supa cutesy, Protect the Boss: chick is awkward and cringey but amazing)
-Workplace romance that started from experience with chick kickin' the crap outta some dudes that actually had nothing to do with the workplace and then it does cuz then she's hired and batta-bing batta-boom
-Love triangle-y
-Leading dude is kinda wimpy, but then wants to protect the chick, but then again he's kinda wimpy (he will have his strong moments tho)
-SUCHHH ROM AND SUCH COM (Protect the Boss gets a lot more serious toward the end, whereas even Strong Woman's most dramatic moments had a comedy vibe)
-Lots of powerful quotes
-DANNNNG that chick can speak for herself
-AANND she can hold her own. Yeah that's right male lead, I'm looking at you, that means she's just as fine without you or any man for that matter
-A good female friendship between main character and side character (Protect the Boss has multiple female friendships)
-A funny, awkward butler-y secretary of dude guy
-Guy falls (in love) first
Recommended by Tajo Mahcts
both lead male character keep acting like kids
in both drama the girl is poor while the man is rich
Recommended by nad
Both are romantic comedies revolving around an ordinary girl who has been job seeking for a while, being employed by a rich man with an arrogant personality and poor social skills, and even though they dislike each other at first, they soon fall in love.
Recommended by SilverCloud
Both dramas are romantic comedies about a female bodyguard who has to protect their famous snobby boss and end up falling in love with him.
Recommended by EmotionalVoicedGoby
It has a boss who needs protection from society, cameras and attention. Rom coms and have similar vibes.
Recommended by bamsa
They both involve a female body guard with a male boss that they find it hard to get along with at first.
Recommended by casey30002002
TROT LOVERS and PROTECT THE BOSS are both Romantic Comedies. Both have the couple start out disliking each other. Then they get close after working together. Both have men that mature throughout the drama. I would described both as fast paced and fun, because they both are upbeat and there is always someone running here or fighting there..
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
A love story between the boss and the secretary. Unlike the common chaebol parents, the parents in both drama are very nice and love the female lead. Both dramas are very funny. The chemistry is also great.
Recommended by nadiaestii
These dramas both explore the uncommon drama territory of social-phobic chaebols who have a bossy, fiery team member that tests their boundaries as well as a competitive, ambitious male frenemy in their company. Similar plot devices and characters, yet differing execution so you can watch both without experiencing to much deja vu.
Recommended by pigtails4ever
Both are romances about a non conventional rich guy trying to win the heart of strong willed/stubborn girl. Both male leads are reluctant about being pushed into positions of power. Both female leads are aggressive, and self-righteous. There's scheming based on jealousy, and classism, that stand in the way of both couple's happiness. There's also great chemistry in both!
Recommended by manicmuse
Both are love stories between a secretary and the CEO/director. Funny and sweet.
Recommended by Hurt_mp3
In both series the main lead is an eccentric immature man, both are romantic-comedies that involve a violent woman, both have the main female act all innocent when it comes to relationships.
Recommended by claudya87
an unconventional male lead who is also a wealthy son but has many on going personal/mental social issues. Ends up falling for the girl that is hired to work for him. Characters are better written and portrayed here than in RL. IMO hehe :)
Recommended by HappySqueak
Actors Park Young Kyu and Park Sang Won have similar characters in both dramas, such a funny and childish character, a father who does not grow up whatever progress in an age, keep of being a mama boy, although he has sons! ;'D
Recommended by Sunny
Both are office love.. director and secretary love.. both dramas have two directors who love same secretary..
Recommended by Anju Wathsala