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Both the hero of this drama and the heroine of the J-movie have memory losses and have to take notes in order to know what happened the day before.
Recommended by Ceki
In both shows:
1. ML suffers from a mental problem. In the case of TBI, ML can't recognize faces. While in DJ the ML has lost his ability to form short-term memories, causing him to forget the previous day.
2. In his attempt to protect the FL, the ML gets run over, which causes his disability.
3. ML is the heir of a big company with plenty of enemies trying to take them down. As a result, they are forced to hide their disability from co-workers and family alike.
4. The ML's secretary is the only one who knows about his disability.
5. FL are both actresses. Though DJ's FL has lost her popularity by the second episode.
6. FL's are hard workers and have a tight-knit group of supporters.
7. ML becomes super sweet once he falls in love with the FL.
Recommended by 3GGG
In both shows:
1. The female lead caused the ML to incur psychological/mental damage. In the case of HMKM, his personality splits. In the case of DJ, the ML becomes unable to distinguish faces.
2. ML is forced to keep his mental issue a secret, forcing himself into isolation.
3. ML's secretary is the only one in the know about the ML's problem and they work extra hard to try and find a solution.
4. The FL becomes a special present for the ML, who helps them deal with their problem. In a way, the FL becomes something of a "safe harbor" for the ML.
5. FL is loud, open and able to speak their mind.
6. Unlike the ML, the FLs are very close with their respective families.
Recommended by 3GGG
The ML and FL only meet for a day where there romance develops really quickly. After that they are separated until they meet again by chance which causes their romance to re-bloom.
Recommended by AmynaA
A woman with a promising future is trying to recover from an unfortunate event in her past which impacted her career and future. Then she is being constantly vilified in the press; harassed by the real perpetrators and those who want to use her past against her. A smart wealthy man with a memory illness falls in love with this woman and both are seeking the truth about past events while dealing with family disapproval and disruptions in their relationship.
Recommended by Cat
-Both female characters lose their popularity in the industry due to certain accidents and had to do all sort of things to stand again.
-Both male characters suffer from a sort of disorder/bad health condition.
Recommended by Duaa
both deal wtih amnesia with it's like to be a friend/love someone memory resets when they fall asleep.

okitegami is a detective comedy with light romance if you are in the mood for something with the same theme but a quite different tone.
Recommended by Shenji06
In both shows...:

1. The FL is an actress who has fallen out of "fame" due to a scandal involving a "crime." Though they were both acquitted, they were still unforgiven by society (earning them a following of anti-fans).
2. The ML is successful at his job and has few friends.
3. The ML tries to help the FL.
4. The FL hides her pain behind a smile, is optimistic and doesn't balk at putting in work to meet their goals.
5. The FL tries to revive their careers.
6. The ML and FL are very supportive of one another and establish a really cute, fluffy and healthy relationship.
Recommended by 3GGG
both male leads have amnesia that change their personality.
both male leads have serious personality.
both male leads are running successful company.
both female leads are poor.
both female leads are positive fun person.
both male leads forget they have been dating.
Recommended by y janah