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Both dramas are directed and written by the same director/writers and Deep Rooted Tree serves as a direct sequel to Six Flying Dragons.
It follows the story of King Sejong who is Lee Bang Won (King Taejong)'s son (he appears in the last episode of SFD).
Since the two dramas are written by the same writers, many characters are interrelated such as Moohyul and Lee Bangji who are actually made up characters. Also, Mokya, Parkpo, etc. who are supporting characters in Deep Rooted Tree made special appearances in the last episode of SFD.
I highly recommend watching DRT where you can see the older and the more mature Moosa Moohyul.
It's really heart-warming to see recurring characters and you'll end up missing SFD but then again, you'll fall in love with the new ones from DRT.
P.S. Although Shin Sekyung appears in DRT, she takes on the role of a different character :)
Recommended by hongtaku
Both are Historical drama's, with a basis on true historical figures.
Recommended by phoenixtearz9
It deals with the same subject matter, namely King Sejong and the creation of Hangul.
Recommended by lunatepe
Both dramas are highly political, both have leads who dream of a fairer world and besides, Han Seok Gyu plays amazing kings in both (I never thought I could see him in another king role because I thought it would never be as good as Se Jong, but guess what he's just as good as Young Jo or even better.) Both are equal in quality of story and development of characters and both dramas deal with factions that oppose each other. I just feel that if you liked one, you will like the other.
Recommended by suga_eomma
The Princess' Man is historically the sequel to A Tree With Deep Roots. Some of the same characters will make an appearance. Both great sageuks that will be worth the watch. However, The Princess' Man is more of a Romeo and Juliet romance.
Recommended by silvermcv
Two stories are about The Great King Sejong, but a Tree With Deep Roots dont own romance.
Recommended by Diaaszm
Written by the same screenwriters, they are really different. This is more a political drama about the Hangul invention. But in the first 3 episodes you can find Song Joong Ki as Young Lee Do (Great King Sejong).
Recommended by DiosaUnica96
Both are about establishing great things for the common good: one about an accurate Joseon map, the other about an easy writting system. Both matters are presented as life and death and treated passionately.
Recommended by teamtaltal
One of the standing blocks of QSD is the script, the deep conversations between "good" and "evil" characters, and how much the drama made you think of politics, justice and morality. Tree with Deep Roots also has the same ingredient.
Recommended by Nelly
Both are historical romance dramas based on novel written by the same author
Recommended by tsuneko