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With the same main actress, the two stories similarities are mainly in the main character, all bubly and a little idiotic but full of enthousiasm !
In bith of theses dramas, the woman add trouble finding a job before settling down thanks to a good offer and then thanks to theses jobs, meet a man.
Both of theses stories talk about what happen in the past that made the main characters who they are now and we can see relationship developping with the importance of the past behind them.
Even tough the relationships and how the are growing up on each other is different both dramas have the same feeling~
Recommended by MelimeloAsiafan
- both set in modern life.
- both are set in a gallery.
- start bad and with misunderstanding.
- the lead male fall in love with the lead female but she has different interests.
Recommended by Moka
Playing matchmaker while falling in love with someone yourself. Both stories feature dating agencies, cute main couples, and fun side couples. The romantic development is faster in The Undateables while Cyrano is more of a slow burn. Cyrano features lots of celeb cameos.
Recommended by ananna
Dating agencies. Matchmakers falling in love. The Undateables is more comedic while Murphy's Law has more angst.
Recommended by ananna
The female and male lead characters are quite similar. She's kind of spastic/all over the place and super expressive/emotional, he's standoffish/ introverted and intimidating to others, she ignores all that and interacts with him anyways. It's a silly romantic-comedy at it's core.
Recommended by Wolfie689