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- Has a similar vibe where it's all happy at the start but unexpectedly takes a turn
- Girl time travels to past
- Main male lead are similar
Recommended by lalalulu12357
These dramas are both packed with humorous moments. The lead females are both head strong women who travel back from modern times due to mysterious means. The lead males are initially cold hearted, who end up showing their warmer side later on. If you enjoyed Chinderella Chef, give Eternal love a try.
Recommended by betty123
Both are Chinese drama,time Travelling love story,Fantasy and martial arts element and with plenty funny moments.
Recommended by Sugardrama
Time travel in both. Both get men to fall in love with her. Main guy in beginning doesn’t like main girl.
Recommended by Eleanor
This two drama stories are different. But it both has content about the time travel. But if Cinderella Chef is about the girl who go back to the past time, Love Through a Millennium is about the guy who go to the future when he's abou to get killed.
Recommended by Lee Jin Young
Both are typical time travel stories about a young female time traveller and her boyfriend in a fictional ancient kingdom.
Recommended by An S
Both hilarious historical romance dramas with strong lead female characters. If you like one give the other a try.
Recommended by betty123
Both female lead was drag into the past. Male lead is the hero to help her solve her problem. Hate turns into love.
Recommended by Sheegwa
Travel to the past and fell in love in that era. Takes place in modern and ancient time. Both female lead fell in love with the male lead but cannot face the truth.
Recommended by Sheegwa
Trespassing into a research facility, a 21 century woman chef and her scientist friend are coincidently transported back in time into the bodies of past protagonists at the very instand they comitted suicide
Recommended by JaLee
The two female leads time travel into the past, they have fun.
The male leadsls deeply fall for the girls.
Recommended by cheronsa
Well someone said it reminds her of Cinderella Chef

Both tv series have the food/cooking genre.
Recommended by meis
Time traveling, romance, and fighting... the cooking isn't similar, but stopping evil people from taking over and mystic power is!
Recommended by blackstar_aria
Both drama related to time travel and chef. The leads is expert in cooking. Both drama also got some comedy scenes like both leads' reaction when they arrived after time travel. For Cinderella Chef, the lead got into past time by using time travel machine while in You Lan Hu Zhi Yu Chu Jia Dao got into present time (reverse time travel) due fall into a lake.
Recommended by MarunekoHara
The story content might be different but, it's about a girl who travel through the time to the past.
Recommended by Lee Jin Young