• Movie: Go Brother!
  • Country: China
  • Release Date: Aug 17, 2018
  • Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.
  • Rating: G - All Ages


  • Score: 8.6 (scored by 112 users)
  • Ranked: #99999
  • Popularity: #5543
  • Watchers: 291

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Go Brother!
Your Rating: 0/10
Ratings: 8.6/10 from 112 users
# of Watchers: 291
Reviews: 1 user
Ranked #99999
Popularity #5543
Watchers 112

The movie is a live-action manga adaptation of the same title. It is about the daily interactions between an annoyed younger sister and her irresponsible, prankster big brother. Shi Miao wishes everyday that that her brother would just disappear from her life. Then one day, her wish comes true and he becomes her best friend's brother. While she pities her best friend's fate, she is ecstatic by the turn of event and thoroughly enjoys being a single child. As she watches Shi Fen go about his days hanging out with his friends and pulling pranks, she discovers a secret he has been carrying...

  • Country: China
  • Type: Movie
  • Release Date: Aug 17, 2018
  • Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.
  • Score: 8.6 (scored by 112 users)
  • Ranked: #99999
  • Popularity: #5543
  • Rating: G - All Ages

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Oct 1, 2018
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
Just watched this - it IS quite funny, especially if the viewer has annoying siblings (I don't but I still loved it). However, the ending is bittersweet and will tug your heartstrings.....and tear ducts. I cried my way through the last ten minutes or so. So go in with tissues, chocolate and water - you will need it....unless you have no soul, in which case don't worry.

This movie is really lovely - and definitely brings home the old saying "you never miss someone until they're gone...." We often don't appreciate those we love the most until they're no longer around. The ending is a cliffie so be prepared to hurl abuse, tearfully or otherwise (mine was very tearful but very definitely annoyed too). I hope there's another movie where she perhaps helps another set siblings overcome their differences without ending up as she did or something - so that way we at least know if the end......changed the cliffie (sorry, I don't know how to word that without take what I offer and run with it).

So now to the usual review stuff:

STORY - The story was pretty good; very much along the lines of what I think many siblings wish for when not getting along. The beginning was very funny. I laughed a lot and I thought the female lead would immediately regret her decision, but she didn't. The last ten minutes or so were very bittersweet - unless you have heart of stone, I mean it, you WILL cry though it's not really an unhappy,

ACTING/CAST - the two leads playing the siblings were EXCELLENT. Seriously they were really good; especially Peng Yu Chang who played the older brother Shi Fen. That young man is destined for great things you can see that already. The rest of the cast were pretty good too - the mum was played well, and the actor playing her boyfriend was very goo in his role as the bumbling but earnest stepfather to be. But Chang Peng Yu was the best of the whole lot, with Zhang Wendy as Shi Miao a solid second. The last scene will tear your heart I swear and you'll see why I'm praising these two so highly.

MUSIC - that's a straight 8 all day. Not terrible, but not memorable either; though it did really play well with the final scenes.

RE-WATCH VALUE - ooh that was a tough one to call; for me it was a definite 9 because I would definitely watch this again AND make all my bickering cousins sit down with their siblings and watch it too. But others might feel differently.

OVERALL - for me it was a 9.5 because the message was clear and simple - be grateful for who you have in your life because when they're gone you'll miss them and it's often to late then. It's a simple message and one that too many movies and dramas overdo; really labour the point, thereby making it a lot more complicated than it should (or even needs to) be. This movie however, kept it simple and the more touching because of it. The message remained the same, but more simply told and therefore all the more moving because of it.

I think it's also a movie that parents who leave older siblings as the younger children(s) caretaker/babysitter/entertainer, etc should watch. YOU have kids because YOU want them, so DON'T make the older ones the 'parents' to the younger ones so that you can have a social life/career - you should've thought of that BEFORE producing offspring.

Finally, I would say this - really, give this movie a won't regret it.

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