Moon Embracing the Sun



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If you like a historical drama then this may be for you. Moon that Embraces the Sun is different story that is made for a younger crowd but still a good story. Great acting and visuals.
Recommended by ahangman
both dramas are adaptation of novels by the same author
Recommended by al25200
Both male protagonists have lost their Crown Princess at the beginning of the drama, there is no time travel, but it is an historical romance
Recommended by asiandramafan
Same genre different pretense but same feel.I enjoyed both in different ways but both love saheuks.
Recommended by Empress Eun
- Amnesia, though the genders are switched.
- The crown prince falls for a common/poor girl.
- The crown prince remains loyal to his childhood love and does not consummate their marriage to the crown princess.
- Both crown princes have enemies within the palace plotting to take them down.
- Both crown princes have a certain wit to them / really intelligent / not dumb.
Recommended by potatoes
They are both really good drama. You will learn how to forgive and love the people around you. I highly recommend it.
Recommended by Iloveasianndrama
For those who can't get enough of their Kim Soo Hyun fix. This is one of his previous drama which is worth watching.
Recommended by biniBningPunkista
Both are historical dramas with political intrigue, romance and magic.
Recommended by AnitaGuida
kim soo hyun so cool and funny and so smart in this drama all of his film or anything
Recommended by Qonita Maulidya
Both are romance historical dramas with happy endings. Similar part of plots - evil girl steals identity of the good girl and the main character keeps looking for her.
Recommended by jennielfi
The reference was in SSL, so it reminded me to finish watching and I am SO SO SO glad that I did! <3
Recommended by Empress Eun
Both are historical dramas and they were centered around the royal family. They also contained a story in which the king's wife was jealous of the king's love towards another girl. They also had cute and funny, romantic moments.
Recommended by bonjoursalve
Both are historical dramas set in the joseon era with fantasy elements (more so in moon sun than rebel). Both have the same vibe of sincere love, fight against corruption. But while The Moon that Embraces the Sun centers around the royals and nobles, rebel is more down to earth with story revolving around the normal folk aspiring to make a change. I love both dramas but feel Rebel has that something special that brings authenticity to it that I have yet to find in any other historical drama (that I've seen).
Recommended by hearts
Both dramas about dark magic and also a historical drama also same actress acting as evil queen mother.
Recommended by Miyuru
both are about kids that fall in love and are separated because of an "evil" family member (father/grandmother) to meet again after a long time when they got old.. also some young actors are the same (Yeo Jin Goo, Kim So Hyun) and I think both are great dramas with a very sad story :)
Recommended by Pan-Dal-Ma