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They have different plot. But both drama has the same setting, a mystery of a student's death, and bullying.
Recommended by nyanko_sensei
The plot is very similar, about a group of students who is locked up in school and need to solve the quiz to be able to survive
Recommended by DentiNuriwani
They are pretty different, but at the same time they have some things similar.
They deal with bullying and I should also say "surviving". In 3 nen students are blocked in a classroom with their teacher, while in Limit students who survived after an accident are all alone in a forest (between them there is also a killer). In both there is police the who need to rescue them and save them. Both are psychological, full of twist and secrets.
Recommended by DiosaUnica96
Instead of student the teacher is trying to change the students way of think, same kind of feel with the setting and thriller
Recommended by Seokani
Both psychological drama involving teacher and students. It's just that suzuki sensei can be the "I'lll shove my ideas down to your throat" type of drama.
Recommended by realdeal
Student have to solve the puzzle to reveal the truth about their school. There's an episode about finding out the death of an old student to complete the exam.
Recommended by marcherz
The idea of pitting student vs. student, instead of a government plan as a individual in charge of a hostage situation. Similar atmosphere between both sets of students.
Recommended by RisefromBlackAshes
A similar situation where a group of students is being manipulated by a larger power; 3-nen being manipulated by their teacher and Zankokuna by the unforgiving net and potential setbacks that come with failing. The group must make decisions that will ultimately punish an individual if the group fails, and vice versa.
Recommended by RisefromBlackAshes
They both are about teachers using 'unusual' methods to convey a message about society to their students. They give very similar feeling and even have some scenes that remind one another. Some themes are also common to both, as bullying, for example.
Recommended by mimei
In both the dramas the teachers are the villains ,
in 3nen A gumi hiragi is more of an anti hero, but in nightmare teacher uhm ki joon is the villain.
3 nen is practical but nightmare teacher is supernatural.
but in both the series students are tormented by their teachers, "who tried to teach a lesson "
Recommended by shitty fanPerson
This was also about a teacher teaching their class a lesson. The teacher put his students through a whole lot of drama. But in the end, he probably wasn't as bad as the teacher in Lesson of the Evil, since he was trying to teach students an important lesson that wasn't evil.
Recommended by jazzy36