The Bridal Mask Episode 25

Gaksital Captured

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Kang to decides to pretend not to know Shunji knows he is Gaksital, and returns to the police station in order to steal weapons from the armory. Shunji catches on to Kang To's plan to steal the weapons and sets up a plan to stop them. While trying to runaway with the weapons Shunji captures Gaksital, and Kang To being Gaksital is reveal. Shunji tortures Kang To, to find out Dong Jin and Yang Baek's hideout. Comrades plan to save Kang To...
  • Aired: August 29, 2012

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Oct 9, 2013


I want to ask the same thing as Abe right now: 'Why in the world are you guys acting like that?'

Well, I wanted to ask that everytime I see them going crazy^^
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Aug 31, 2012


Everything in this episode was heartbreakingly made. So many death, but I somehow feel that each of them helps building the final countdown. I won't say that I felt nothing when the count and his wife died, bit I was tearing up more when Hae Seok shot himself, I was starting to like him and then DSR dies too, leaving his daughter and everyone feel sad...
I can only wonder how the tension will grow in the last 2 episodes !!!

A masterpiece indeed, every character has strong build, which I admire.
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Aug 30, 2012


I love how the Kimura family just can't understand why Kang To would kill Kimura Taro for hilling his mom and leading him to kill his own brother. Psycho family.

Is it only me or is Shunji's smile that he gives when asking Kang To a question after he's been torchered just creepy as all get out? It gave me goosebumps. I tell you I may not like him, but his character is one of the best bad guys in dramas ever. He isn't stupid and he doesn't over act. Park Ki Woong is doing an amazing job!!!
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Aug 30, 2012

Best so far!

This episode is my favorite one so far! i couldn't believe my eyes when Gakistal got caught and tortured =( . i felt so sad when i saw him in the cage, it must be so painful. Aww Kangto ssi :"(
i hate Kishokai even more now after killing the kont and his wife!
About Rara i'm curious if she will still be at Kishokai's side or fight with Gakistal.
And why do i have a feeling that she'll sacrifice herself for Gakistal? or .. i'm going so far, aren't i? xD
Oh well.. we'll see what'll happen next *.* !
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Aug 30, 2012

OMG The whole world knows who gaksital is, well almost

OMG Hae Seok killed himself???

Shunjin is becoming lot smarter.

I am going to miss the yobo yobo family.They were begging to live so much, I feel very awful for them. Kishokai leader is getting annoying!!!!

Lee Kang To should have planned better the plan to steal armory. He left unconscious guards outside. Now he is discovered by comrades. I can't stand to see him like this. He is being tortured. It was portraited well the scene where Kang To confessed everything- the truth that shunjin was after, but in the end- it was something you did not want to hear. The feeling that it does not belong to you- something like this.

Oh WOW he needs so many officers to guard him. But what happened to them in the end?

the nail cage is seriously creepy! I think this is too much!!!

I still hope that Shunjin will become a good guy in the end. Hope this drama is going to have a good ending!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 30, 2012

Everything is out !

Oh, My! This is one of the greatest ep out there! Gaksital is caught and torured; i can't believe Kang To was in the nail cage :( He told Shunji everything about both of their Hyungs, when i saw Shunji tear up with some flashbacks about his friendship with Kang To, i really thought that there was some hope for that guy but no, there's no such thing! I know that at the end, he really need to die.
The count and countess died in a bad way (that's what you get for betraying your country!)
There was so much action in this ep ! Wohoo, some kicking and running : This ep is simply Daebak !

Now we have to wait for ep 26, i'm having great feelings !

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Aug 30, 2012


OMG where to start? The yeobo yeobo family died :O This is too sad Kang To got caught by Shunji too...I cried in this ep. But of course the acting is so amazing. Omg Kang To is being tortured so much he's even in the nail cage and to make things worse that Kimura hag (the dad) was pushing the cage so the nails pierced through him :( I had to turn away from the screen :( I hope Shunji and Koiso dies in the nail cage and that father too. Thank god they saved him but...Kang To still cares about Shunji. The new comrade is so bad ass I love her yes! Ep 26 tomorrow!
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