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Faith Episode 15

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Jan 15, 2013

That Deok Heung person is really smart

I loved how Deok Heung tricked people and get everything the way he wanted. I mean he planned every little detail without giving any hint. At first, he looked like a puppet saying he doesn't know anything besides reading books, but apparently reading books has indeed more benefit than anything.

And I think Eun Soo's dream was about her future. I guess she will get through that gate, but it won't get her to her time, but to an earlier time. And there she will write that notebook to fix everything. That's only a guess ofcourse, and I really wonder how things will develop later on.
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Oct 10, 2012

more mysteries

well we saw yoo eun soo dream was about.... it was probably her past self writing in the diary for her future self telling her the time heaven door will open. but i could be wrong (like always). man this is getting excited :D
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Oct 2, 2012

I like the political development

I just liked Deok Heung sneaky ways in handling the matter, he manipulated everyone in order to get what he wants; he had pretty smart moves to chain Choi Yound and Ki Cheol.
The king felt really hopeless without Choi Young by his side, like he can't do anything !
Oh, the doctor dream was interesting, i still believe that she's Hwata, i also think that she have been in that world before.
Let's see what will happe next...
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