Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan



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Both are dramas about women wars in the royal harem. The female lead is beautiful, courageous and witty, every man loves her, every woman envies her, she wins everybody. The clothes and interiors are very beautiful, the plot is a little bit predictable.
Recommended by An S
Both feature smart, witty, and beautiful women living in the palace that is dominated by males. Zhen Huan is a Chinese historical and Jewel is Korean. There are lots of politic driven plots by the bad guys to make the heroines suffer and lose the favour of the royal family. The heroines will triumph over the traps and tricks set by their enemies through intelligence, skill, and help from friends. Romance wise Legend of Zhen Huan has way more since it is about King's wives and harem while Jewel in the Palace has a very subtle romantic tone. Last of all both are melodramas that drags on, each with over 50+ episodes.
Recommended by Kiseki
Both are historical dramas set in the palace harem that include romance and political intrigue. Also both dramas are about a young girl entering the palace and becoming the favorite of the emperor, having to deal with the jealousy and intrigue of the other women as a consequence.
Recommended by AnitaGuida
-First of both has a whole lot of schemes.
-Leading lady stole the show with their phenomenal acting(they know how to act).
-Lots of supporting who helps develop the story.
-Great plot probably one of the best for its genre.
-very satisfying ending
-both leading ladies are very determined

Recommended by Mimi
Both of these Chinese palatial historicals have gorgeous costumes, backgrounds, and sound tracks. More importantly though, the female leads in both are clever and multifaceted, and most of the characters are well-acted. The Legend of Zhen Huan is the darker and grittier drama of the two, but Startling By Each Step is just as serious, in it's own (more romantic) way.
Recommended by grey_lady001
Both dramas deal with matters of royal and imperial harems. But the story in Cruel Palace isn't limited to the harem itself as in Legend Of Concubine Zhen Huan/Empresses In The Palace. Cruel Palace deals a lot more with politics. If you want a drama that deals with the harem but it is not entirely about that, maybe you should give a try to Cruel Palace.
Recommended by suga_eomma
Both dramas are very sad love stories set in the qing dynasty.
In both the female leads start as innocent girls and are forced to change due to the circumstances.
Both dramas revolve about palace intrigues of power, love, sacrifice and the life of the women.
Yongzheng Emperor also appears in both, in "Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan" as the ruler and in "Desperate Love" as a child.
Recommended by AnitaGuida
both portrays a young and innocent young girl who only wants to be happy with their family and have a good husband. they both have hopes, fell in love and they both will know what betrayal and what revenge taste like.

what it differs is this one is the story of a princess who lost almost everything and try all her possible to get her revenge, with the "help" of some people she just met or met not so long ago.

it's a very enjoyable show with a good casting and a good story
Recommended by chihuo96
Raise the Red Lantern is a movie about a young girl who become the mistress of a rich family, just like Zhen Huan At first she did not want to get married but she soon learns that she needs the master's love in order to live a "nice" life. The mistresses are all very different and they try to win over the master just like in Empress in the Palace.
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. This literally gave me the chills after I finished the movie.
Recommended by CindyLee
- Both have basically the same actors
- Legend of Zhen Huan focuses more on the emperor's harem while Legend of Mi Yue on politics
- Both highlight the hard life concubines had
- Legend of Mi Yue has a stronger storyline
Recommended by Kathy
Almost Same period (Forbidden City), very similar clothes but (Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan) seems to have more acurrate sets of clothes and everything.

Similar History!
Recommended by BrunoLeoo
While watching this Drama it often reminded me of Empress Ki. It's the same type of story about the palace and plotting and backstabbing in the harem and which effects it has on people living through it. Empress Ki compared with Legend of Zhen Huan is a bit lighter though
Recommended by radioactivestardust
Similar plot, characters, story line, and era. But better looking actors!
Recommended by Serina
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace is the sequel to Zhen Huan. But both are harem dramas and they can be watched without having to watch the other.
Zhen Huan covers the harem of emperor Yongzheng and in Ruyi, Yongzheng's son, Qianlong, rises to the throne and the story focuses on Ruyi, a consort of his harem.
Recommended by suga_eomma