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In Gokusen, Yankumi grand-daughter of Yakuza Family and her greatest dream is become a teacher. In GTO, Onizuka is a reformed biker gang leader who has his sights set on an honorable new ambition: to become the world's greatest teacher...

Both shows follows same formula, similiar genre, comedy, same kind of humor.
Recommended by Menpower
both has a teacher , who play the main character , and In charge of
the worst class in school ,and their relationship with their students more than just a teacher...
Recommended by Zura
Both are about school life,ragging,family problem and other school problem of student. difference is in GTO a male lead a teacher try to solve and in 35 sai no Koukousei a female lead a student try to solve
Recommended by Ryu
Its GTO back in action but this is season 2 of the 2012 one . It has the same atmosphere but I think is a bit darker .
Recommended by Fiona
Both have Yamamoto Yusuke and Nishiuchi Mariya in it, except that they are lovers in Yamada and the Seven Witches.
Recommended by kookiejamz
Both about the teacher changes their students' lives.
Recommended by chatchalita
Both Class of Lies and GTO series are about a teacher that is different from the other teachers in the school. They make a difference in a class of troubled students, providing a unique perspective and a much needed adult figure in their lives.
Recommended by Reader