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about me?

Im Ryu 21 years old boy and Im muslim.i born in Japan and lived there till i was 9 so simply i know japanese.then shifted to Bangladesh.its my country and where my parents are here learned bangla and hindi(Indian).Learned english from movies and help of school classes but not perfect yet :P 

how i get into dramalend?

When I Started  to using internet i didnt know about Asian dramas.i used to watch only English & Hindi movies.Sometime i watched aisan movie in dubb.When i went to torrent i came to know animes are easy to get so i start watching day I downloaded Rurouni kenshin that time i thought it was an anime.After watching it i came to know it is not an anime.It is a movie and it is a nice movie.Then i downloaded Najotoki wa dinner no ato and watched it. i search for another part it and found drama of it.after that i watched lot of J-dramas and for reviews,rating  i found MDL.In here i learn that korean movie and drams are also good.I started Kmovie  with A werewolf boy and K-drama   with You Who Came From the Stars.

what kind of drama i like and what i like about dramas and what i dont like?

i like action,scifi,Mystery, Suspense with fast paced.these two are main i think.i also like Comedy,Crime,Fantasy,Manga,Music,Psychological,Romance,School,Supernatural,Thriller these are 2nd choice and i really dont like Historical,War,Zombies.these choice are only for asian dramas.i like Historical,War,Zombies if they are from hollywood.

i love WOWOW drama.i didnt mentioned it before but i want to be a vfx artist,editor,director,screen player,cinematographer that kind of i like good production drama with good camera work-editing-audio mixing.that is why i love WOWOW least i try to watch if the drama are from WOWOW dosnt matter which genres.

  i have one plus point to watch jdrama.after i came bangladesh i was apart from japanese for about 8 years.sometime i talk to my japanese friend but once or twice in week so i was forgetting the language.after i became drama addict i face japanese language everyday and realize that i forget a first i coulnt read japanese. i totally forgot how to read.but now i try to read if something came up on screen,while watching if anything happen in drama i scream in japanese talk to my parent with help a lot and improve my japanese :D 

oooh there is one another thing i like about drama.i have a half japanese bengali friend here.we make joke about drama or copy umm i think most of you watch GTO 2 right?i dont know you remember it  or not in GTO2 akira with someone said "weeez" before ending.when we meet not like other we dont say "hello, hey or yo" we say weeeze and shake hands.when we talk in phone we dont say hello we say "kokoga jigoku dayo" it means "here is the hell" this is dialogue of mozu movies trailer.most of our jokes are came from asian drama or movies without it we couldnt have that much fun :P (i think its not need mention here but i want to )

Favorite Actor/Actress

Oguri Shun


Ishihara Satomi



One OK Rock


ONE OK ROCK - The Beginning is the my first j song after i came to bangladesh as far as i they will my top 1 for always>.<

Solo Singer 

Namie Amuro   




they are my fave solo singer.there are few other i like

Acid Black Cherry,Aoi Eir,BoA,Ayumi Hamasaki,Koda Kumi

Ieiri Leo,Miwa,Utada Hikaru,Jolin Tsai




Girls' Generation



2NE1,AAA,Ikimonogakari,KARA,4 minutes BTS

Favorite Model

Its Rola.She is a Japanese model.She is of Bengali(my coutnry), Japanese and Russian descent.i saw her in some variety show.She has cute and different voice.for that reason some hates her but I like it.She is so cute and funny when she talk








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