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My Girl Episode 1

7.1/10 from 14 users
Dec 14, 2005
When Gong Chan learns Yoo Rin is fluent in other languages, he hires her as a translator for an important business meeting.

My Girl Episode 2

7.9/10 from 15 users
Dec 15, 2005
Yoo Rin flees from her father's loan sharks thanks to the help of Jung Woo. Meanwhile, Gong Chan continues to find clues about his missing cousin.

My Girl Episode 3

8.0/10 from 17 users
Dec 21, 2005
Yoo Rin accepts the part of Gong Chan's long lost cousin. Sae Hyun continues to get Gong Chan's attention and forgiveness.

My Girl Episode 4

7.9/10 from 15 users
Dec 22, 2005
Gong Chan and Yoo Rin visit the grave of her "parents" and end up relying on the help of some friendly strangers for one night.

My Girl Episode 5

7.9/10 from 13 users
Dec 28, 2005
As Sae Hyun and Gong Chan try to start fresh, Sae Hyun struggles for his grandfather's approval. Meanwhile, Yoo Rin takes a fall for Sae Hyun to help her escape the media.

My Girl Episode 6

8.4/10 from 11 users
Dec 28, 2005
Jung Woo finds out about more than one of Yoo Rin's secrets, thanks to his keen observations. Yoo Rin also deals with some unreasonable people to help her father.

My Girl Episode 7

8.4/10 from 10 users
Jan 04, 2006
Gong Chan and Yoo Rin begin to get closer as she plays pranks on him. Sae Hyun is less than pleased with their newfound "sibling" bond.

My Girl Episode 8

8.7/10 from 10 users
Jan 05, 2006
As Sae Hyun and Gong Chan's relationship is displayed more and more, Yoo Rin and Jung Woo go to the arcade to relieve some stress.

My Girl Episode 9

8.4/10 from 9 users
Jan 11, 2006
When President Seol begins to get impatient and plans an immediate trip to Japan to meet Yoo Rin's "foster father", Yoo Rin resorts to desperate measures.

My Girl Episode 10

8.6/10 from 11 users
Jan 12, 2006
Madam Jang and Il Do are preparing for their wedding while Gong Chan must manage Yoo Rin's drunken antics and Sae Hyun's struggle for attention.

My Girl Episode 11

8.6/10 from 10 users
Jan 18, 2006
While Jung Woo is trying to get President Seol's consent to date Yoo Rin, Madam Jang tries to get Jung Woo's mother to look favorably upon Yoo Rin as well.

My Girl Episode 12

8.7/10 from 10 users
Jan 19, 2006
As Yoo Rin tries to see Gong Chan as a cousin, the family sets her up with a surprise meeting. Meanwhile, the inauguration for Yoo Rin into the company is around the corner.

My Girl Episode 13

8.4/10 from 13 users
Jan 25, 2006
When Gong Chan decides not to leave, he and Yoo Rin have a different plan, but Jung Woo and Sae Hyun are still determined to get their way.

My Girl Episode 14

8.6/10 from 13 users
Jan 26, 2006
When Sae Hyun finds out some important information regarding Gong Chan's family, she sets up a meeting with President Seol.

My Girl Episode 15

8.4/10 from 13 users
Feb 01, 2006
Two years have passed as we see the result of Yoo Rin's decision and how it has affected the people involved.

My Girl Episode 16

8.8/10 from 14 users
Feb 02, 2006
As Gong Chan stays determined to set things right, President Seol's stubbornness doesn't seem to be subsiding.