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These drama's have A LOT of similarities. Both of the leading males are rich and they both have similar friendly & supportive secretaries. Both of the male leads have a close friend/brother who becomes somewhat of a love rival, and like the same girl. & there's more that I just can't think of now.
Recommended by jellyfishdrama
Both tells a story about a girl with some money issues. In both dramas the girl has 2 guys who likes her and what's even better; in both dramas the guys are cousins. Both of these dramas have super hilarious comedy and similar female leads. Oh well but it's a given since the female lead is played by the always so amazing Lee Da Hae ^^
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
Both are very fun to watch, have that loud and quirky heroine and in contrast the cold, quite hero (well the guy in my girl isnt that mean, but you know...!)And of coarse there is the pitiful second guy who is absolutely obsessed with the girl, but she cant help but be in love with the mean guy. And both feature the ex girlfriends that you wanna murder.
Recommended by sara_a
The big similarity between these dramas is the deception of the main female playing a rich (heiress) girl when she is actually rather poor and working several jobs. Money is the main protagonist into making them take this step (although Lee Da Hae plays more of a con artist, while Yang Jin Sung plays the hardworking innocent girl), which in both cases concludes into the girls falling in love with someone they supposedly have no right to. There is also a fall in the shower/barthroom scene in both dramas ;) Also, the forbidden love between siblings (as much as the leads can be considered siblings, when everything is only a con) takes on only a subplot in Bride of the Century, while My Girl lives out every angsty moment of it. Though, the big dissimilarity between these dramas is the supernatural/horror plot to the Bride of the Century - nevertheless, both dramas never fail to deliver the comical moments, as the girls bring their own breezy thinking into the lives of the stiffly rich.
Recommended by ayacherry
The plot line is exactly the same-- spin on Anastasia. The lead actress is incredibly cute and loveable. Beautiful secret has more frustrating characters though.
Recommended by serap
Since Coffee Prince is a classic romantic comedy, here's another classic. There's no tomboy, but there are some pretty funny scenes and it's an easy watch.
Recommended by Zhaoul
These 2 dramas have NOTHING similar but same name. Still both dramas are awesome.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
Both dramas are about pretending.

In "Something about 1 percent" main leads are pretending to be dating to fulfill wish of male leads grandfather, in "My girl" male lead hires female lead to pretend to be his long-lost-now-found cousin to (also) fulfils his grandfathers wish.
Recommended by Salty_bae
Lee Jun Ki is the leading man in this drama and for those who miss him and want to see a different side of him you better watch this!:>
As you watch the episodes you'll start to like him even more!?(???)? ?(???)? ?(???)?
Recommended by 94loveKdrama
Just because Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook couple. Love to see them together again. <3 <3
Recommended by Hwarang
Plot-wise these two have pretty much nothing in common. If you enjoy the acting of the female lead on the other you will enjoy the acting in the other one too. I personally found the female leads pretty similar with their over-acting characters and tacky clothing. They're similar to the point I would think they're siblings.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
Both dramas have fake sibling relationship that puts a dramatic & angsty spin on the leads’ romance. One drama is historical while the other one is modern (2005).
Recommended by ayacherry
This is the upcoming remake from Thailand that is based on the 2005 Korean version. Esther Supreeleela and Lee Da Hae are quite similar in their acting styles and look, so it's quite possible Esther will live up to the role.
Recommended by PianoPlayer1
i love them both as they have the typical cinderella story with the simple girl and rich heir. even though the stories are different, they are both rom-coms and if you like one you will like the other too!
Recommended by sara_a
Both have the same writers (Hong Sisters) and even though the stories seem to be quite different you will realize that they have some points in common. For example: Like Joong Won, Seol Gong Chan is a CEO (but a hotel instead of a shopping mall)& acts cold towards the female lead but is willing to help her later on,in both the female lead keeps annoying the male lead in the beginning. Female lead feels lonely in both. I can't think of other similarities right now (And I don't want to spoil it for you).You will see while watching :)
Recommended by Luna_