King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 1

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Seo In Sook is the wife of Gu Iljung, Chairman of Geoseong Foods. Because she cannot bear him a son, she gets mistreated by her mother in-law (Ms. Hong). (Source: KBS World TV)
  • Aired: June 09, 2010

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Mar 2, 2013

Grandma is the true evil!

I can't believe how easily they cheat on each other! I still don't understand how the nurse lady simply let the president take advantage of her. I mean, didn't she have any pride?? Didn't she feel sorry for the wife??? Didn't HE feel sorry for HIS wife?? Obviously the wife is the evil woman in the drama but not truly if you ask me. I mean, she gave birth to two daughters and they make it sound like it's a crime! That old grandmother - OH MY GOOOSH! I hate her guts. Allowing her son to cheat on his wife just so she could have a grandson! I'm seriously mad right now after watching ep 1. I wish the wife had left her husband the moment he cheated on her. At least the nurse didn't stick around with the baby. That would've really annoyed me. I really wouldn't want Tak Gu to grow up in such a horrible household where sons and daughters are not considered equal and the son has to go visit a bread factory every Saturday (not that he would've minded. He loves bread!). I'm sorry but I'm really really offended! Especially about the cheating thing and the whole Sons-are-superior mentality.

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Feb 9, 2013

don't like the intro :(

even though it wasn't slow and it's just an intro...I should've gotten at least minimally hooked...
it's just that the good ppl are bastards to me...
and villains are only victims...and that crazy bitchy grand ma - I literally wanted to shot her...she made having girls seem so horrible...and allowed her son to have an affair...and Tak Goo's mother who's supposed to be the victim actually betrayed her saboniem and slept with her husband...the awful thing is that the kids will pay for the elders' mistakes :(
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Jun 13, 2012

A strong start as to be expected

It wasn't a amazin ep but it matches the expectations of a drama : twists, a strong woman who have faith in her child, This Tak Goo sounds like a promising kid. (even if he still wet his bed ! )
For once, I might not fell in the trap of the second lead syndrome, Joo Won if he follow the young actor lead will be too arrogant for me !
Let's see how dad/ son first meeting will bring us !
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