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both food related, birth twists, disorientated family. Both leads are talented and work their way up to become great chefs/bakers. King of baking is more inspirational whereas Feast of the gods focus on revenge a little more.

Some actors in King of Baking also in feast of the gods.
Recommended by PrettyBrown_Eyes
Both are dramas about a young man that endures many hardships and setbacks as he pursues his dreams, but always remains optimistic and never gives up.
Recommended by CherryBunny
Deals with the same plot of an illegitimate child brought home to a rich family. Also includes the rivalry of two brothers and an evil mother who favors one of the brothers. The main character takes revenge against his brother and mother, like Five Fingers. Overall, the plot is the same, but I personally liked Baker King, Kim Tak Goo a little bit more.
Recommended by Brandon
They both tell the story of a man that faces allot of pain to reach their dreams. The feeling of the drama is also the same. But Kim Tak Goo is a better drama imo.
Recommended by Woerr
Yoon Shi Yoon who plays Enrique is a wonderful actor. He is able to emit such a range and variety of emotions. Both dramas have fun parts, but deal with serious themes in life. One deals with a young lady who had emotionally and physically withdrawn after unfair hardships from others, while another deals with a young man who continues to persevere and fight on despite unfair treatment from others.
Recommended by azndrama
Both dramas are about a child who was separated from his wealthy family. Only the circumstances are different. And eventually this main character happens to come back to his real parents..
Recommended by polily
Both center around the love of bread and baking, with bread being part of and representation of life's happiness.
Recommended by azndrama
They both start off when the charecters were young and every single episode draws you to the next.
Recommended by Lian95
Both dramas have love triangle at first. And also after looking all those fancy cakes/pasteries, you might be interested to see the different types of bread brought to you in Baker King.
Recommended by loveanimeever
Both involve cooking theme, with lead character trying to achieve their goals through cooking,Both involve the journey of young men to master the art of cooking
Recommended by dramafreakboy
They both have very likeable main characters who capture your heart, and the side characters are well developed. They're both well rounded, and invoke a spectrum of emotions - happiness, tears, laughter, etc. They're both amazing dramas. While they're both long, they're also entertaining from the first episode to the last.
Recommended by Sai
Both cast the same male lead, and both is about searching for fathers and finding success in the respective industry.
Recommended by yukified
Both theme about food. Bread love and dream is more focus on relationship and drama than Tenno no Ryoriban. But both also has a strong theme about family.
Recommended by Dandelion
Both are about baking and pursuing a dream. This drama has a more heavy conflict with the main character being an illegitimate child of a Bread company CEO.
Recommended by Dandelion
Both are 30 episode makjang melodramas done extremely well. They both have birth secrets, revenge, a lot of heart warming moments, great acting and writing. They are both a lot of fun to watch.
Recommended by Jeaniessi