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Another gumiho story with the star lead as lee sung gi.. Really good...
Recommended by Anjaly
The same male lead, both with supernatural elements and a bit of humor ;) And we're going to have romance there :D
Recommended by Klaudia
they are both amazing dramas. Gu Family Book and Arang and the Magistrate are both historical and romantic dramas with fantasy
Recommended by WooU
The fight for good and evil are similar in both. Both main characters seek to correct the blood within them that gives them special power. Both have a cross-dressing lead, who present both a weakness and strength to the male lead.
Recommended by ahmi_chan
Both dramas are historical and the female leads are disguised as a 'flower boy', even though in Gu Family Book is unitentional.
Recommended by Dia
Although sword of legends is in Chinese, both dramas have the same historical/fantasy setting and the two leads and stories are similar in many ways.
Recommended by Eeshie
same supernatural theme with a traditional background for 90% of the story
goofy main lead with amazing family powers
featuring the annoying ass female lead
Recommended by AnitaIgba
Gu Family Book is very touching like Healer although it is a historical drama. Perfect line up to Healer. Great OST especially the beginning story and first OST - My Eden will cure your Healer hangover!!!
Recommended by Jing CJ
Because I feel like You Who Came from the Stars is the sequel to Gu Family Book I will never get to see...
Recommended by mylilownaznworld
IT ENDS THE SAME EXACT WAY FOR SOME CRAZY REASON. Except Gu Family Book doesn't have a sequel, neither does Rooftop Prince, BUT GFB NEEDS A SEQUEL. It kills me even now..
Recommended by mylilownaznworld
if you like korean history dramas, and people with special powers, lee min ho, captivating story line, and just plain old good shows. its very similar to this show, except the story line is different. so basically if you like gu family book, you will like faith
Recommended by dramacray
It might seem a weird recommandation at first, but both dramas are starring Lee Seung Gi so it's a good point. And in both story, he meets a woman who does martial arts and acts like a guy so I think they might be considered pretty much alike!
Recommended by Clemi-chan
These two dramas have a similar supernatural feel about them.
Blood is modern about a doctor infected with a supernatural virus, and Gu Family Book is about a half-gumiho.
The main characters personalities are different but they look very similar when they are "transformed". (Green eyes long nails etc)
Recommended by Jessica Hikari
Similarities: Prince of Wolf deals with a human raised by wolves who has enhanced strength and senses, and is misjudged by other people (at least initially).
Gu Family Book deals with a half human/half gumiho (fox demon) who has special powers and is treated like a monster by everyone who finds out about his true identity.
Both kinda deal with other people freaking out about their wolf/fox demon rage issues, and have a female lead who understands their true nature.
Differences: Gu Family Book is a Korean Drama, and is set in a historical setting. MC is not as "innocent"? (father of the MC is though).
Recommended by Mairen99
Male leads similarities:
- Their family dies and they were adopted
- Both have secret superpowers that they are unaware of
- Both have cute, cheerful and 'takes all the blame' personalities
- Both will do anything to save their loved ones even if they have to die
- Gets stronger and clever as the story progresses
- They want to know what happened in their past
- Want to take revenge on the person who destroyed their family

Female leads similarities:
- Both female leads have met their fated love when they were younger
- Two girls fight over the male lead

The drama similarities:
- Both are in historical settings
- Similar situations
- Both dramas are supernatural/fantasy

The drama differences:
- One is Korean
- The other one is Chinese

These two are definitely very similar you should try them out!
Recommended by DreamDramaCatcher