Both these dramas are boss/employee bodyguard gay romances.

Where Your Eyes Linger
+Korean bl miniseries
+Tae-joo and Kang Gook are childhood friends but Kang Gook is obligated to serve him to pay off an old debt to Tae-joo’s father. One of the main obstacles to their love is Tae-joo’s father.

Golden Blood
+Thai bl drama
+Sky, the son of a wealthy mafia boss, is placed under the protection of Sun. Eventually he falls in love with his bodyguard. However, Sky’s father may be a pose as a problem to their blooming relationship.

Both of these dramas also have a similar episodic debacle where the bodyguard refuses to accept his feelings and puts it down as a temporary attachment developed because of the job.
Recommended by chiha
Both stories have a rich boy having a love and hate relationship with his same age bodyguard hired by his father and they go through some challenges while figuring out their relationship
Recommended by Pebee
The story has a similar foundation.
1. Both leads share a long servant-master relationship
2. the "servant" seems like he has feelings for his "master" but keeping it a secret
3. the "master" doesn't even realise how much he is in love with the "servant" until he gets jealous and feels like he is losing the other
The characters are similar on the level of Shu Nian is quiet like Kang Gook and the master bratty and keeps touching the other frequently just like Han Tae Joo. But Han Tae Joo is waaay nicer than Xie Yan
Recommended by HajareJoe
- BL’s (wyel is a kdrama, nlmg is a thai drama)
- one character is a bodyguard to the other love interest
Recommended by eden
Energedic Company, the production house behind the widely popular “Where Your Eyes Linger,” is behind this new gourmet romance.
Jeon Jae Yeong will reprise his character role of Kim Pil Hyun from “Where Your Eyes Linger.”

Recommended by Skyesinger
Both are short korean dramas showing a romance between two guys. Theyre both W-Story productions that can be viewed on Viki.
Recommended by Sleepy Strawberry
Short BL with multiple couples. The special thing about this one is that it is bilingual, they all are speaking/understanding both Chinese and Korean.
Recommended by Jen
It's all about the yearning. Yearning for your best friend but being unsure about your feelings, being scared to act on them.
Recommended by Newt
Definitely same vibes with hate turned into love. Both are Korean language BL where one guy is attracted to another and kind of bullies/picks on him.
Recommended by Geegee16
Color Rush & WYEL are both short Korean drama series (8 Episodes) focused on boy love.
Around 10 minutes each!

In terms of personalities they both have one that is more carefree and outspoken individuals while their counterpart is more quiet and reserved! (Doesnt speak their mind as often) Both couples express a sense of yearning for one another throughout the series!
Recommended by muimui94
Both are higher production Korean BL mini dramas with idol actors. Check them both out! The two series plot concepts differ a bit but both are bl romance.
Recommended by _Choa_
It's not really similar, but this is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever seen, so I just want more people to get to know it. ?
Recommended by Luiza
Two Korean BLs that have similar dramatic and angsty vibes, great music and production quality. One is about star-crossed time-travellers, the other about a rich kid and his bodyguard. Both will have you shedding a few tears while rooting for their relationship, but not everyone has a happy ending...
Recommended by Aadia
Both are short korean BL dramas in which jang euisoo plays a main character. Theyre available on viki.
Recommended by Sleepy Strawberry
Korean bl
School life
Friends to lover
Good looking Cute couple
Great chemistry
Good bl to watch
Recommended by Esha Ghosh
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