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All Asian BL: A Guide for Lazy Fujoshi. I've tried to include all Asian BL, but I might forget some - feel free to remind me if you notice some missing. Adding to list continuously. If you'd like tips about non Asian BL - feel free to ask, I'd be happy to give recs. My ratings of movies/dramas, are pretty harsh, but I judge by quality, not how much I like/dislike it. Some of the crappiest stuff I've seen - are still my favs, while I do not always like the top notch quality stuff. This list will only contain titles where BL couples/gay characters/BL theme, have at least a somewhat prominent role. MDL f**cked up my alphabetical order so they're jumbled. *NOTE: I've chosen to include all versions made of the manga "Hanazakari no kimitachi e" - for a particular reason, which I will not state so as to not spoil for anyone who is not familiar with the story. Even if it's not BL, there is a beautiful point made, which I think deserves attention.
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