Kazoku Game Episode 10

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Shinichi questions Sara why did Tago Yudai become Yoshimoto Koya. Yudai once told her that he does not want to repeat Souta's tragedy and wants help others like Souta to live strong. He learned that he can't stop all evil intentions in the world, but he can bring up people who can fight against evil intentions. That's why he became Yoshimoto. Not only that he prevented Shigeyuki from being the second Souta, but he also wanted to prevent Shinichi from turning into a monster like Yoshimoto. Sara gave him Yudai's notebook which has written notes about the Numata family.
  • Aired: June 19, 2013

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Jun 22, 2013

Iii Nee. OMG what an astonishing ending!

What a witty wonderful way of wrapping it! Absolutely one of the best dramas ending I ever saw.

Beside the fact that everything with the Numata family was fixed even though they went bankrupt and sold the house, at least they became a real family which was Koya's intent. I liked they way everyone gathered together and had amazing moments.

Also, Koya at the end! Or shall I say "Toda"? The way Shinichi started to fight him then he took a bow and said "Arigato gozaimasu!".

The most epic scene was the last one "Iii Nee" Hahahaha Koya!
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