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Kazoku Game Episode 1

9.5/10 from 25 users
Apr 17, 2013
In the opening scene, a man in a pale blueish high school uniform is shown walking through gloomy woods. He abruptly falls to his knees, before screaming as though in pain. In his… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 2

9.3/10 from 13 users
Apr 24, 2013
Shigeyuki is not enthusiastic about going to school, but he forces himself to in order to rid himself of Yoshimoto, with whom he has a standing agreement that if he attends to school… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 3

9.6/10 from 10 users
May 01, 2013
Yoshimoto Kouya, drive a car on the mountain road in the middle of night. On the passenger seat, the anxiety of Numata Shinichi raised. The tutor who claim as Yoshimoto, was actually… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 4

9.5/10 from 15 users
May 08, 2013
Numata Shinichi, who can't wipe his doubt on Yoshimoto Kouya, found a "Association to sue Yoshimoto Kouya" website. Shinichi sent an email stated that he want to talk with the web… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 5

9.3/10 from 13 users
May 15, 2013
We open with something new—Koya’s tutor log for Shige. We learn that Shige’s place in the class ranking skyrockets thanks to his girlfriend and wanting to impress her. The two… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 6

9.3/10 from 11 users
May 22, 2013
The episode begins with Shigeyuki narrating his life story so far. He speaks of his brother Shinichi being better than him at everything, and how this made him develop an inferiority… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 7

9.6/10 from 11 users
May 29, 2013
We open this episode with Kayoko’s story through her eyes. She was the pampered princess of her father. She obediently met with Kazushige through an omiai and the two married. Her… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 8

9.9/10 from 15 users
Jun 05, 2013
The breakdown of Numata family can't be stopped anymore... harsh words from Yoshimoto Kouya didn't reach any of the family members, and everyone of them become selfish. Kayoko who… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 9

9.8/10 from 16 users
Jun 12, 2013
Numata family completely destroyed by Yoshimoto Kouya. There was no conversation between the family on the next day, and no one even try to clean up the living room after the incident.… read more

Kazoku Game Episode 10

9.9/10 from 22 users
Jun 19, 2013
Shinichi questions Sara why did Tago Yudai become Yoshimoto Koya. Yudai once told her that he does not want to repeat Souta's tragedy and wants help others like Souta to live strong.… read more