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While the plots are different, Sakurai Sho plays in both of these dramas as very similar characters. Both characters are eccentric and have very similar mannerisms and catchphrases (Iiii neeee~ vs Nantsutte~) and both have dark secrets they are hiding. If you liked Sho's character and acting in one, you will enjoy him in the other.
Recommended by Kanra
Both include a broken slightly messed up family.

Both have slightly pathetic adults.

Both include an unconventional outsider. A tutor in Kazoku Game and a Housekeeper in The Suspicious Housekeeper.

Both have very good character developement.

(Please note that the suspicious housekeeper is a korean drama)
Recommended by SaudiAraybia
- Broken family
- Pathetic father
- Eccentric and mysterious stranger comes to the family for work
Recommended by blueribbon
Hmmm..... we're should I start (?) this is my first time doing this because I can't believe no one felt the same yet ...the drama genres are different, in kg.. the family is getting together and bonding due to some unfortunate events... and in memory, the mc got diagnosed with Alzheimer's... so he is trying to complete his unfinished jobs .. and getting closer to his family after concentrating on his job as a successful attorney... both are heartwarming, full of feels , and sad .... it is also bittersweet in a way ... I am certain that if you like one of those two titles and especially the family part , you'd love the other one !!
( please not memory is a k drama)
Recommended by I Am LeJINdery
Both are psychological dramas were there is a family involved. Both have also some mystery involved. Both have a cliffhanger at the end of the drama.
Recommended by fanitha
Both are about a families who seem to be normal from the outside, but in fact they have dark secret.
Recommended by Gummy
In both series we ask ourselves if the main character is either good or bad. As the action advances we discover his reasons for being like that.
Recommended by claudya87
They are both psychological thrillers and despite being based in different settings both main protagonists are steeped in enigma. The intrude into a flawed household and mess with the members in their own demented way for an unclear goal. Although Zeni Geba is considerably darker, they both have a twisted tale that represents the distorted side of human nature.
They're fantastic and the acting is really riveting I especially love the soundtrack that really makes you feel more involved and terrified by every scene.


Recommended by Mexu2d
The leads both possess a hidden personality, covering a goofy front with a passion for education. Both dramas deal with the school setting, bad teachers, bullying, and family drama. Both leads are eccentric, charismatic men with a penchant for taking unpredictable actions. If you liked GTO, I highly recommend Kazoku Game.
Recommended by KittyAnn
Both involve families being tested and exposed for what they really are. Both are very dramatic but Kaseifu no Mitazono is more comedic and tackles multiple families whereas Kazoku Game goes deeper and is more suspenseful.
Recommended by Eternalpoem
Both dramas revolve around teaching and school themes. Queen's classroom is set in a school with a teacher with questionable teaching methods whereas Kazoku Game is based on home tutoring, again with confusing methods of so-called 'teaching'. These are both dramas that have the audience constantly guessing as to whether the tutors have genuinely good intentions or whether they are simply bad characters that enjoy making those around them miserable...
Recommended by minibeth19
I want to avoid sharing too much, so I'll say this:
if you've already seen one, searching for something similar, watch the other

btw, good shows, based off good novels, some good music, not for sweet dreams..

(I think especially if you've found *yourself* in one, you'll like the other)
Recommended by PEACEFUL
They both are about teachers using 'unusual' methods to convey a message about society to their students. They give very similar feeling and even have some scenes that remind one another. Some themes are also common to both, as bullying, for example.
Recommended by mimei
both have similar issues and are both intriguing to watch, if you enjoyed one you'll enjoy the other
Recommended by sotashi