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I Summon You, Gold! Episode 49

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Sep 26, 2013

I would have been happier if someone had died...

I don't even care who at this point. This happy crap from a bunch of evil b!tches makes me want to puke. I just don't get it. Where the writers afraid of an ending where the crazy people get what is coming to them? Blah!!!

ALL the mother's except Hyun Soo's mother were CRAZY!!! Then suddenly they are all kittens and flowers. The only one that is even kinda believable is Duk Hee and only because she almost lost her son and was slapped hard by reality. The rest is just stupid.

Plus, Mong Hee suddenly doesn't love Hyun Soo at some point and gives up for Yoona with out even a tearful moment. I guess she wasn't really in love with him. I can kinda see where he was like a knight to her and she was someone to lean on for him...so they mistook it for love, but where is the awkward and troubling moments??? At least Mong Hee's dream as a designer came true.

Now all the sons are living with their mother's happily. Shim Duk finally gave in and has decided to put her daughter-n-law through school to become a doctor or something. Mong Hee has decided to move back in with her crazy adopted mother. I would have ran while I had the chance. WTH???

Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun's story took the back burner after they had the baby...the high lights of this drama are when they are in the story. Even when they are just in the background cheering on Hyun Soo and Yoona.

Even to this moment I can't believe Hyun Joon took back crazy Sung Eun. She just gives me the creeps...especially when she is smiling and being nice. Ah Ram is cute as a button though.

I just don't know what to think of this drama.

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Sep 26, 2013

Why? Pink Slipped!

I am officially done with 50ep drama. 100yr then ISuG both with lousy, pitiful endings proving a waste of talent & time. I could not finish ep49 due to buckets of so much love syrup from just MEAN tigers for 48eps, proving tigers can change their stripes to spots - at least in kdrama land. Watching MH clapping & smiling for HS, even he had doubt/sadness in his eyes + SD scornfully telling MJ that the child will still be part of the family descendents (Damn, the poor girl is moving, raising a child by herself - enough crazy lady)all made me hit the stop button,that's right no PAUSE, just STOP now. Why are they even showing 49-50 to prove what? This show had some talent and started with a tigers roar - yet somewhere in a rush became this mild, lovey-dovey kitty. Why? The real looser in this entire debacle was MH, proving this is fairy kdrama land & she should be happy to have a real job/career screw her personal life, where the pink slip was delivered and she got played!

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Sep 26, 2013

Lovey-dovey family

I don’t know what’s the use of the two last episodes; I mean the story could’ve ended since ep 48 since everything fell in place and the three mothers started living with their children. There’s also Hyun Soo’s inauguration as the president and the launch of Mong Hee’s brand. Everyone is getting together: A happy freaking family.

I don’t think that the last episode will be any different too; they will continue their lovey-dovey act that’s why I thought the drama should’ve ended two episodes earlier.
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