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Dating Agency : Cyrano (2013)

Dating Agency : Cyrano Episode 2

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Min Young's beliefs in romance clash with Byung Hoon's which threatens the success of their latest operation.

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  • Aired: May 28, 2013

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Dating Agency : Cyrano Episode 2 Reviews

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Aug 29, 2013

Romantic Comedy/Mystery/Suspense/Action...?

This is ridiculous... But ridiculously funny...:)

I'm always so confused about what I'm watching. One minute it's a Romantic Comedy with a cute but ditzy protag, the next it's a Mystery/Suspense with a chef who is creepily stalker-ish... (I'm getting a Clark Kent vibe from the glasses but I doubt he's saving pedestrians in blue tights by night...)

Then it's Action and suddenly it's about a Director trying to recapture his glory days by orchestrating these ridiculously complicated scenarios to snag a love interest for a client (Or help his friends' theater troupe...? JUST read the synopsis but each character has such a huge air of mystery I'm still trying to figure out the actual story).

Seriously, some Hollywood execs should learn how to budget from him; I mean he owes loan sharks but the guy is making a mini-movie every Epi. It's like MADE on MTV.

And this is why I love it. I love all the characters so far except creepy chef who looks like he'll stab you in the back from the front. Totally giving him the evil eye every Epi (I'll probably come to love him later though haha). Min Young is great if a bit idealistic... Okay, she's living in the clouds, but she's coming from the heart and her belief in love and I think she's right.

Turning the Vet into Mr. Trench-coat with a shady background had me laughing so hard. Especially when the librarian fantasizes about him. Ha! On to the next Epi before I ramble more...

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Jun 5, 2013

Suspense and action!

I really like the fast-paced feel of the parts when the dating agency people are on a mission! We don't really know much about the characters yet, so it'll be interesting to see their development throughout the drama. Sometimes it still bugs me that Lee Jonghyuk is quite a bit older than Sooyoung, but I've tried not to pay attention to the age gap.

As a cat lover, I couldn't help but feel mad at Minyoung for trying to stop the librarian from bringing the cat into the clinic. I mean yes it's good she takes her job seriously but in a scenario like that, treating the cat is more important than the vet guy and the librarian meeting!

I really love the librarian, she has so much personality to her. I hope that she is not disappointed when/if she finds out the truth about the vet. I kind of agree with Minyoung that Byunghoon's methods are leading the librarian to fall for an image that is not actually what the vet guy is like, so it's pretty fake.

Looking forward to the next episode, it has TaeMAN!

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May 30, 2013

The mysterious second male lead

I started this drama prefering Seung Pyo over Byung Hoon and now, that I know he is the Boss of the Mafia, I like him even more. =D

The writer is doing a great job building the characters slowly to keep the audience hooked.

I can´t wait to see Taemin guest appearance next week.
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May 29, 2013

Getting better. :)

I really enjoyed this episode. At times the romantic operations seem like they are poking fun at actual romantic notions. LOL. That's pretty clever on the writer's part.

The characters are slowly growing on me. The librarian is so funny! I also liked Byung Hoon better in this episode.

I like that we know so little about every character. That leaves space for a lot of story to be told. Let's see how it will be next week. :)
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