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**Sometimes I don't get notifications... a lot of times I don't. So if I don't respond, I'm sorry! It's not because I'm ignoring you. :(

I am horrible at keeping my list up to date (Currently Watchinghasn't been updated since 2014), and I have yet to add Thai dramas to my list, but I'm always on! So say hi! ^^

Generally, my ratings mean:

7 & below (dramas that most likely had weak or disappointing second halves and endings or overall confusion at what I just watched)

7.5 (enjoyed it, mostly candy floss I might re-watch on a rainy day)

8 - 9.5 (great plot, fantastic actors, tight story, a+, will probably re-watch these babies to death)

10 (perfect execution, I may never re-watch but a complete masterpiece)


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