Cruel City Episode 11

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Aug 3, 2013

End of troubles?

I surely don’t think so because even if Doc agreed to give Pusan the distribution, things won’t stop there and seriously? Are we going back to point zero? Btw, I’ve got to say that director Jo is really interesting, he doesn’t look like an evil character at all but he’s evil itself.

Also, I don’t think Safari will hold still about what’s going to happen to him and it makes sense that he was an undercover agent then decided to join sides with Pusan. Director Min is to blame; he just keeps planting undercover agents everywhere as if it was nothing.
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Jul 4, 2013

Too Many Twists

Undercover is really milking the undercover thing...

Everyone and their mom is turning out to be an undercover. This is a horrible police system. I understand their undercover and their cover shouldn't be blown, but at least don't go after your own. The cop in charge is to suspicious for me to trust. First he places an undercover, then he sends another to after him. It doesn't matter the excuse, the least he can do is tell him that he was an undercover cause it was definitely a smack in the face for Doc to find out that way. I honestly really dislike the police system though, especially cause they're going crazy over Doc and I want him to live!

That was my main concern for this ep, it didn't meet my expectations, but after they dropped the ball in the last ep about Safari, they had to clean up the mess somehow. With the major plot twist, they started up a whole nother story for the show... the war against Pusan.

2 things I really dislike this ep...the sleazy character of Director Jo, but he's a good character for the show nonetheless AND that it waited till the last minute to finally let me see Soo Min and Shi Hyun together! I'm completely invested on their growing relationship.

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Jul 3, 2013

Sympathy...for Safari?!

It appears that the revelations about Safari were an extent. He's what Shi Hyun could have become and what Soo Min could still--a failed undercover. This adds an interesting dynamic to a character that was fully deplorable...though there was something bittersweet about his past with our hero. I'm not 100% sold that it was a necessary twist or that it was even fully cooked within bounds of the story...but I'll take it, for the lovely performance it allowed Jung Kyung Ho. His reaction to the reveal is Grade A acting and it's amazing to finally see the bare human beneath the undercover veneer.

This show has broken the halfway point and has retained exceptional quality. I don't know where we're headed, but it's the good kind of uncertainty this kind of program should afford. Though I'm still a bit worried about some aspects
(how the romance fits in, what Shi Hyun will do with the enemies and friends he must arrest, where they're going with Hyung Min, etc.), I'm still confident the show will work it out beautifully. Unsurprisingly, it was another great episode.

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Jul 3, 2013

Undercover are humans.

This episode has turned the tables around. From here now on it's going to be a series of complications. A war awaits.

Safari a man who we all can agree on is not trustworthy and is a scum turns out he has a sympathetic side to him. Like everyone else I wasn't going to fall for this "cop" card, but I kept my mind open because this is Heartless City.

Our police in charge seems like he has a different side to him. I knew it was too good to be true that from all the characters in this show and he was the only one with no complications. I'm in doubt.
The way Safari was accusing him and was having a hard time with his emotions it makes me think that he the police officer is playing some testing games and our Doc Son is the current lab test.

The word trust was all in my mind when I watched Doc Son. For the first time seeing him in such confusion and despair kind off ripped my heart. It was an emotional side to him. Who could he trust and can he? Everything around him was a lie. Yes, he is lying example himself but the people who he had an understanding with him broke him.

He has given his trust to Soo Min and despite all his agony he went to see her in the end. I thought really he wouldn't go. I had no hopes she would get a chance to speak to him. I don't blame the guy. His emotional condition is not so stable. He cares for her but he is Doc Son I think he himself doesn't know who is he. The police officer asked him are you a monster? Are you like Safari? It makes me wonder and has made us wonder in the previous episodes in the past 8 years has Doc Son accepted his second life?

Soo Min can either destroy him or redeem him. He goes to her even when he's at his worst position. She questions him correctly without knowing him at all. She draws him maybe because she always guesses him right.

I hope her caring for Doc is genuine because it affects him highly when she asks about him and his scars. He feels cared for.

It was a great episode! I was really cringing in my seat especially with Director Jo. That little punk. I swear his death will be sweet. I liked Doc Son expression when he first saw him "That's him, I have to deal with this kid?"

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