Cruel City



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Both are dark and gritty dramas with a similar feel to them. They both have unconventional protagonists who are criminals/involved in the underground criminal world and deal with organized crime, are filled with action, and contain interesting plot twists throughout the series.
Recommended by Kanra
written by the same writer, both dramas are filled with action and the dark side of the society. my beautiful bride is more a romance and is more of a single man show, where as cruel city makes you root for more than one single character. in my opinion cruel city has a much more superior storyline but my beautiful bride is also a worthwhile watch.
Recommended by tendele
Both action dramas with breathtaking fighting scenes and all. Lee Min looks hella sexy just like Jung Kyung Ho <3
Recommended by PrincessJennifer
both drama revolves around undercover operations and jung kuyng ho plays in both.
Recommended by nad
Antihero male lead who is extremely physically capable.

Sizzling chemistry between male lead and older female lead.

Introduction of a younger female lead who is more innocent and serves as romantic interest.
Recommended by Irene
the background and tone are completely different. so you may be surprised at my rec.
i don't what it is but i think both dramas share the inrigue and quality that i look for
Recommended by Mai
Cruel City is very much inspired by Infernal Affairs and the Hong Kong crime noir.
Recommended by vienna
Both show undercover cops loosing themselves in their new identity. Also, the line between right and wrong is blurred for the undercover as well as for the spectator.
Recommended by Sady
They both involve crime and both dramas will make you not want to move away from your seat! :) Both are beautifully made dramas. Also, they don't have much romance in them.
Recommended by Drama_Lover
Romance is important part of plot, but doesn't cover the rest, which is dark, mysterious, more 'for adults' I would say.
Recommended by Klaudia
Both involve people trying to uncover secret organizations. Also, both are revenge dramas filled with action.
Recommended by suga_eomma
Its theme on gangster, love, lies and hurt and "softees" of supposedly hard core men...
Recommended by 2013started
Even though Cruel City is about undercover cops it's also about going up the hierarchy of the underworld and getting revenge. Last is also about climbing up the ladder and also about revenge. But most importantly, both dramas will make you wonder what is good, what is bad, what is the right thing to do and what is justified,
Recommended by maakopla
Both are crime series & though the story might not related at all, it gives you the same feels: goosebumps & keeps you sit on the edge of your seat since it's full of suspense & unpredictable twist and turn. You won't regret watching this, it truly is a masterpiece.
Recommended by elvirad