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Iraq , As-Sulaimaniyah


Iraq , As-Sulaimaniyah

Hiioo MDLer fellow, I'm Rawa, 26y/o, a college graduate who is pretty much obsessed with Anime/Manga/LN and Japanese/Korean Dramas.

I love learning languages, and love to travel the world, Japan is my first destination! so I'm currently learning Japanese! and Korean concurrently!

Favourite ANIME/Manga (Steins;Gate, Monogatari Series, Spice and Wolf, Goodnight Punpun, Nana, Empty Box and Zeroth Maria, Clannad, Hunter x Hunter)

Even tho I'm a Virgo, I don't find myself passionate at all, but I love observing passionate couples in drama/movies just so much! (Flower of Evil, Once Again, Misty, 18 Again, and My Mister had the most passionate couple/partners in them ever).

I have a lot of inner-induced conflict out of overthinking, watching dramas is a great way to get me busy and rest my mind in the wonderful fiction world!

My all-time favorite TV dramas that I deem MASTERPIECES

1. MY MISTER   [Absolute HUMAN Drama]
2. FLOWER OF EVIL   [Absolutely POETIC AND PURE Love Story]
3. SOMEDAY OR ONE DAY   [Love transcending TIME/SPACE, Healing from DEEP WOUNDS]

*LOST [Falling to The Lowest of Humanity, When Everything Taste The Same]
*MISTY [Strong Woman, Missed Love, Dreams & Sucess]
 *Cruel City [Upbringing, Injustice, Painful relationships, Sacrifice]
*18 AGAIN   [Family, THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS, Repentance]
*BEYOND EVIL   [TOWN, Flow of Time, PEOPLE, Death, GRIEF, Madness]
*THE LIGHT IN YOUR EYES   [GROWING OLD, Precious feelings, MEMORIES, Yourself]

More Masterpieces: 

Ashita Mama ga Inai, Mother, Lipstick, Woman, anone, 1 Litre no Namida, Ice World,  Nagareboshi,
LIFE. Dear Sister, Unnatural, Chugakusei Nikki, GTO,  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Dear My Friends, When the Camellia Blooms, The Princess's Man, Stranger, Soul Mechanic,  Six Flying Dragons, Misaeng, Signal, It's Okay, That's Love, Healer, Age of Youth, Because This Is My First Life, White Christmas.

Mastrepieces in Theater: 

Love Letter,  Us and Them, Awaiting,  Teacher's Diary, Little Forest, Confession, My Rainy Days,
Miracle in Cell No. 7, Nobody Knows.

I love them so much and I can't stop recommending them to other drama fans.

I used to watch some Kdrama on our Local TV channels (Yi San ,Dong Yi, Winter Sonata), but I never watched them end to end,  and it wasn't till 2015 when I finally discovered KDrama and JDrama and thus my Journey as a Drama-Addict had began!

49-Days  and Boku no Ita Jikan were my first K-Drama, J-Drama respectively, and have watched quite a lot since then.

I tend to prefer realistic, serious and heavy (darker) dramas rather than light-comedy ones.
(Beyond Evil, Lipstick, My Mister, anone, Soul Mechanic, Ice World, Misty, Mother, Flower of Evil)

Tho recently I watched When Camellia Blooms  and it totally blew me away for a rom-com! The story, acting and characterization were just perfect and it almost gave me a stroke of over-joyfulness!

and I really like Psychological ones , never saw one of them and disliking it ,and among them these are my favorite (Liar Game , White Christmas , The Genius Game (Variety TV Show)

The first ever drama that I found absolutely beautiful and perfect, was Healer. It was the first time I was so invested and captivated by a drama and it's characters so much.

Favourites in Different Genre
(Psychological) SuspenseMature Romance  
Slice of Life (Heartwarming)Human Drama (Healing full of LOVE)
Beyond Evil
Cruel City
SKY Castle
Liar Game
Kazoku Game

Flower of Evil
It's Okay That's Love
Chugakusei Nikki

Youth of May
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Love Letter
Us and Them

Age of Youth
Dear My Friends
Dear Sister
Run On
Graceful Friends
Misaeng: Incomplete Life
Little Forest
My Mister

1 Litre of Tears
Just Between Lovers
Soul Mechanic
Because This is My First Life
Fantasy / Sci-FiFamily / Relationship  (Comforting)Historical Setting
Hotel Del Luna
Another Miss Oh
Mr. Queen
Are You Human Too?
Once Again
Reply 1988
18 Again
When The Camellia Blooms
Six Flying Dragon
The Princess's Man
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo

My All-Time Favorite Actors

   1. Lee Joon Gi [The most talented actor ever! Just incredible! and has a really nice deep voice.]    

He can literally move every single muscle on his face to act out all sort of emotional responses!

   2. Lee Do Hyun (his gazes, his smile, his presence... he is such a talented amazing actor)    

He is just incredible!

   3. Jung Kyung Ho (extremely charming? )    

He usually gets funny character roles at which he is too good at!

   4. Shin Ha Kyun [His smile!!! You have to see at least that, or you have missed out on him big time]    

Stellar acting! Micro expressions all over his face gives me chills in a thriller, beat-skips in a romantic drama!

   5. Lee Sun Kyun [With his deep voice , he portrays words and feelings like a poem]   

   6. Ji Chan Wook (He is super cute when he acts goofy and dumb)    

jLl2zZj4_1c6339_f.jpgI really liked his expression here (only him can pull off that realistically).

My All-Time Favorite Actresses

   1. IU [Lee Ji Eun]   

   2.  Lee Ji Ah  

   3. Jung So Min    

   4. Moon Chae Woon    

   5.  Lee Min Jung    

   6.  Go Min Si    

  7. Ha Ji Won   

   8. Zhou Dong Yu   

   9. Gong Hyo Jin    

  10. Kim Nam Joo   

  11.  Shin Se Kyung   

  12. Kim Hye Ja   

  13Park Min Young    

  14. Seo Ye Ji   

My All-Time Favorite Child Actors/Actresses

    1.  Jung Seo Yeon (Loved her for her role as Baek Eun Ha, in Flower of Evil)   
She makes all sort of adorable expressions which are lovely beyond words!

   2. Ashida Mana     

End of the biography. And just a few more favourite stuff to share... just a few GIFs!

Lastly, I just wanted to say this, in case, just in case, if today was a tough day for you, and you feel very tired, I really hope you aren't too sad about it, it's really not a big deal, it happens, and it passes. whatever it was. so, cheer up... fighting!!!

As long as you are alive, and doing just fine,

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