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Apr 3, 2015

driving me crazy, sheesh

So there are a few points concerning this episode, I'd like to mention:
1. Is it just me, or does it really seem as though nobody really seems to know, what they are supposed to do? It feels like everyone (especially the police) is thrown off track and doesn't know anymore what they were initially supposed to do. Otherwise why would Safari or Doctor's son need to work undercover (yeah, I know that Safari can't be counted as police anymore) for such a long time without any real results? I mean, it can't be that hard to catch a few bad guys, right?
2. I absolutely love the relationship between Soo Min and Jin Sook. I love how Jin Sook cares for her as though she was her real sister and also that she was ready to start a war with Pusan to get "revenge" for her dongsaeng and also to protect her from that absolutely awful Director Jo (omg, I hate this man so much and I couln't be any gladder that he's dead now. No matter the consequences).
3. But I really wonder if it is normal that Soo Min can work as an undercover agent without being properly trained or even without her being called a police. Because officially she's not a police woman yet, right? But what would happen if Hyeong Min died? Wouldn't she be kind of alone and without anyone from the police to help her? Because if I'm recalling this right, then the only other person that knew that Soo Min would work undercover was the Commissioner, who died as well. Soooo, I was just wondering ...
4. Why, oh why do the good people never realize that they were being pursued, while the bad ones always know that someone is following them. This is so unfair and it's for crying out loud, ugh.
5. Omg, this drama is driving me crazy. I don't have the time to relax because I KNOW that there is still enough angst to come!
6. I am looking forward to the next episode because I really want to know what Doctor's son will think after seeing Soo Min with Hyeong Min? Will he find out that she's just like him, working undercover or what will he think of the whole situation? Also I really want to know how their relationship will work out in the future. And the last thing I'd like to know is what will happen after Director Jo has been killed.

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Aug 3, 2013

Found out?

It’s already good that Soo Mi was able to fool Doc until now but did he really find out that she’s an undercover agent planted by Hyun Min? Or he will just think that Jin Seok is using her to get Hyun Min?

Once again, I give Safari credit for being smart; he killed director Jo and made it look like Doc killed him so that Pusan will go after him and let Safari go back to the organization safe and sound. I also give credit for Jin Seok for being an idiot; Safari keep using her and she always trust him again, she needs to know that Safari wants to bring Doc down no matter what.
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Jul 4, 2013

Fragile Things Break

I must admit, the last episode was a downer for me. This episode really caught my attention though.

This episode put a lot of strain on the fragile, growing relationship of Soo Min and Shi Hyun. He starts to question her and put his guard up when she asks him about Doc Son. Their relationship will never be the same, just by her asking him this. She was a normal person to him, or at least someone who wasn't involved in all the chaos of Doc Son (even after he saved her from the druggies, she still seemed like an innocent girl simply doing what she's told).

Now fast forward some arguments and intense scenes, they find each other at Director Jo's place. He leaves and aborts mission because of her appearance. At first I thought this would end up in one of those damsel in distress scenes, when he saves her from being raped by Director Jo, but what actually happened was much better. It reminded me that Soo Min is an independent woman who doesn't need a man to protect her.

Now at the end, Doc Son ends up seeing Soo Min with Hyeong Min. Doc has a crazy, terrifying look in his eyes (JKH is a great actor). I understand and think he has every right to feel this way, and it'd be weird if he didn't. He feels betrayed by someone he started to give his trust to (which is hard to find in their world). This is really going to destroy the relationship on his end.

I really hope to see what will happen to their relationship next week.

On the side, I really dislike the cop in charge and their whole system. How can they have so many undercovers out, yet actually be going after their own. WTH. Then it also seems Jin Sook and the cop may have been exchanging information... He's getting stuff out of everyone and putting his OWN undercovers against each other. I don't care the excuse, the point is that he didn't tell his OWN, so how can they trust him. I don't trust him.

Plot is amazing, it's not the predictable shows you usually see, which is great especially for the theme.

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Jul 4, 2013

I don't have time to like anyone.

I'm done. There's just so much a person can handle.

Let's start from the end. For me personally, the fact that Doc Son finding out about Soo Min wasn't the reason my heart was pounding like crazy it was Doc Son himself. The way he stood and overlooking them he looked lethal and dangerous. He had a scary aura to him at the point.

I know he's not going to do anything to Soo Min. That was my first thought, but go back to episode 1 and to that undercover whom Doc Son personally finished off. Of course he won't do that to Soo Min since he has feelings for her, but would he have finished her off if he didn't have feelings for her?

Or is he at the point where he simply felt betrayed? He probably thought he finally has one person in his life that wasn't so connected to his world.

Doc Son at the point looked capable of taking down Pusan organization and evening being the drug king.

Doc Son has always been a good undercover even though he has made friendships in his second life and has somewhat maybe accepted his second life he still follows his orders.

The police chief so he wanted Gyung Mi to die? Wasn't it enough the 8 years Doc Son has done for you then you try a way to pump him up and finish god knows what you have going on in your mind.

I say screw everyone and become the drug lord Doc Son.

After watching the first episode and seeing that our main lead is the antagonist I wanted it to stay that way. Doc Son is much suited to be in the drug business then the police.

This episode was a mini war. Next episode were going to the next level.

When will Lee Jin Sook understand Safari. She needs to stop doing reckless things on her own.

From the preview seems like Soo is still alive. Thank god. Never know with that guy.

It was action packed episode. It was an over the top amazing episode.

I like how Soo Min stood up for herself. He hurt her and she hurt him right back where it hurts. We needed to see that side of Soo Min and her being courageous and going up with Director Jo was praiseworthy.

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Jul 4, 2013

Oh My Daaaaamn

The look in Shi Hyun's eyes when he saw Soo Min talking to Hyeong Min was a little scary, it'll be interesting how this new discovery plays out in the next episode. So glad that punk Director Jo is dead and with that its going to get very bloody the next few episodes. Eight episodes to go and I'm still excited for each one, I wish most dramas had this awesome momentum. I really hope Shi Hyun's mental state doesn't get another blow cuz seriously i don't know how much more he can take.
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Jul 3, 2013

Holy Molly Cow!

This episode was just wow so many great things happening. Doctor Son knows that Soo Min is working with the cops, so what is going happen to their relationship now? I am so glad Director Jo is dead! I was getting tired of him... I don't like the police that send Shi Hyun to be undercover. I feel that he is hiding something ugh I just don't trust him, but overall it was a great episode. I can't wait to see what happen. Man this drama is too much for my heart I don't know if I can take it!!! Only 8 more episodes what going to happen? Also I can't wait until they find Gyung Mi murder.
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