Cruel City Episode 16

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Aug 3, 2013

All out?

Does this mean that Doc is going all out? Not only with Hyun Min who finally discovered his face but also with director Min; it’s like he announcing war with the director, it’s not like he didn’t deserve it with his stupid controversial actions.

Also, Doc and Safari are fighting for commissioner’s Ji approval to take over Chairmain Jo’s place; it’s going to be a troublesome war. To make matters worse; Jin Seok revealed to Soo Min that Shi Hyun is by her side so by a little thinking she would be able to discover that he’s Doc.
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Jul 18, 2013

Destruction or redemption.

That was a fun episode!

Yeah, I know fun and Heartless City don't really mesh in the same category but I couldn't help myself.

This episode was dedicated to girl power. A great deal had to do with Lee Jin Sook and Soo Min coordination this episode. The way those two walked side by side carrying power and determination looking for Professor Jang. At the end when Soo Min and Lee Jin Sook had that nod and Soo Min came to rescue Lee Jin Sook I loved that segment with them both fighting. Great pairing!

Soo Min was great! This episode she showed strength and courage. She did not flinch in front of Soo. She fought off guys. She ran in her heels like always. She needs some sort of an award for running in those things.

Personally I didn't like it that Lee Jin Sook took Soo Min to Doc "place" because that's his place. That's where Doc Son is Doc Son. His personal getaway. It saddens me how much Lee Jin Sook blindly trusts Soo. I know Soo has good feelings towards Lee Jin Sook but at the end of the day she is the undercover.

I applaud Hyung Min. I loved him in this episode because he decided to open his eyes. I really never liked him this much as I did in this episode. It was sad because all along he was determined to find the wrong person when he could have been looking in a different direction.

I love these little light scenes with Soo-Lee Jin Sook. This show never loses it's seriousness that's what's so great about it. It's consistent, but the little comedic scenes like Soo saying chignon bring a smile to your face. On that note Hyung Min and Prosecutor Ahn interactions are pretty amusing.

Oh Lee Jin Sook please survive! I hope Soo ends up staying and helping her. I don't want anything to happen to her. She is the third musketeer to Soo and Doc.

The way Lee Jin Sook trusts Soo I thought she was going to say Doc but she said Shi Hyun. I'm not sure where this is leading. Either Soo will connect the dots or she will question Doc himself to why he lied and etc.

Sigh. Director Min. Our Doc is not taking anything from Director Min anymore he is doing everything according to him. What is it about Direcotor Min. Why does he want to control everything and everyone. Now that Doc doesn't follow his "orders" he's going to destroy him? That gesture of breaking the pencil might have been small but it represent something really huge.

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Jul 17, 2013

And Now!

So I watched it without subtitles, But I am positive JinSook just told SooMin to call or go to the only person she could trust in this situation...Jung Shi Hyun! TADA!
Maybe she will finally put two and two together.
I love this show...I would buy this.
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