Cruel City Episode 15

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Aug 5, 2013

Holy sh--!

Man, this ep was total badassery!
I love Jin Sook in this episode. Talk about a totally badass female gangsta kingpin. Show them boys how we do, Jin Sook!

As for the rest, wow! This is getting intense! Doc has partially revealed his face to Hyung Min, what will happen now? Will they band together to finally take down Pusan? Somehow I doubt it. Hyung Min is too emotionally attached to the case because of Gyung Mi's death. He's convinced himself Doc murdered her & will not listen to any other explanation. This is going to get messy.

Scale met a very violent end, who's next? Safari? Doc? Soo? Somebody gonna die tonight, that's for sure!

But shit, when Doc gets that look in his eyes you know shit's about to hit the fan. I hope he guts that simpering, backstabbing idiot Ahn like a fish!

Can't really figure out Chief Commissioner Min. Is he still in this for the right reasons or has he gone rogue, and in the process using Doc to carry out his dirty work? I'm not sure. Maybe I missed something. Luckily Doc is as sharp as a whip. He'll figure them all out since he's always one step ahead of Hyung Min & his squad.

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Aug 3, 2013


Why would he show Hyun Min his face? And why the heck did he go there knowing that the police was surrounding the whole place?

And Scale is dead? He wasn’t that bad so it did feel sad to lose him, only a little though.

I am sure things will get more tangled now and since Hyun Min found out that director Min had an undercover then things are going to be tough on Doc. And he also found out that Soo Min was Gyun Mi’s unni and that she’s taking revenge on Doc for her. He did the right thing by telling Hyun Min to pull her out.
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Jul 17, 2013

Discovering Pusan.

My god, what did I just watch. I'm still waiting for everything to process in.

This episode mainly involved to finding out who is behind Pusan and a new character was introduced who had something to do with Pusan.

Did we miss something or we got trolled? Doc and Director Min are okay now? What happened to the whole ending of episode 14 and beginning of this episode when Doc was shattered. When Hyung Min started to suspect Director Min I was like okay we're getting somewhere because Director Min got nervous and he makes a phone call and I was so sure he was calling someone who he worked under or with but it was Doc. I was at a total what the heck moment. Either they put their differences aside or they're just hanging on.

So now Director Min is the good guy again? Then again the whole conversation between him and Lee Jin Sook that must represent something when she said "I know you. You use whatever you can." I'm still not 100% convinced with Director Min.

Either I was hoping for such a scene or I knew the way Doc will discover Soo Min identity is if she quotes Docs words "the world is like a mirror.." I was surprised by Doc Son reaction he looked like he was about to faint with emotions. He couldn't handle himself. Shocked because she is related to Gyung Mi? She's an undercover? I can't place my fingers on what was it that broke him.

That goodbye was so sad and beautiful at the same time because Doc admitted it would be hard for him if she stayed I'm thinking it wasn't his confession it was she's a block in his way. I loved how she called him by all those names and yet she wasn't aware of one. Her favour was for him not to get hurt and you can see clearly that touched a soft side.

What is about a emotional Doc Son that rips your heart. In the beginning. With Soo Min. Then with Scale. Doc is going to lose it with all that despair. What an exceptional actor.

Oh lord Scale. I knew something was headed your way, but I did not expect that reaction out of Doc Son. I guess even though he worked under him and he mistreated him he may still had some respect for him. I really like this Scale and Doc duo even though Scale had no choice but he was such great part of Heartless City from episode 1. I can't believe Scale is gone. Ah, my feelings!

The only time Doc ever looked so lethal and dangerous was when he was overlooking Soo Min and Hyung Min and now the end of this episode the way he was slowly revealing himself goosebumps. Deja Vu.

It was a great episode! I didn't feel like it was slow or a filler. It was an episode that was building up for the next stage.

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