Cruel City Episode 19

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Aug 3, 2013

He lost it; He's a psycho!

OMG that director Min needs to die! “I killed Gyung Min to protect you because she knew a lot about you”, are you freaking kidding me? That man is one of those freaks who are searching for idealism and have gone crazy in the process. He wants the police to be strong and to cut out the corruption in the prosecutor office so he planted dozens of undercover agents and when one of them discovers his true colors and decides to stay away from him; he consider it as a betrayal and he just kill. As a conclusion, he seriously needs to die.

I felt bad for Safari ahjussi; he was always on Doc’s side. He even took the bullet for him.

I wonder what will happen now? I hope Doc will tell Hyun Min that Director Min was the one who killed Gyung Ki and that Soo Min will tell Hyun Min that Doc is actually from the police.

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Jul 31, 2013

Who will survive till the end.

This episode wouldn't let me sit in one position. I was jumpy and cringing!

The last two episodes are always so crucial and I trusted Heartless City to do justice and did it deliver or what.

Director Min maybe got betrayed once in his life and now he thinks everyone is out to betray him. He uses the word betrayal a little too much. You put everyone in a position where they have no choice not to follow your orders but that doesn't mean it's betrayal it's called self conscious.

Some scenes were so emotionally beautiful. Lee Jin Sook tore my heart. She knew she couldn't be the one, but she never thought someone else could be Doc's. Safari, why just why. For such a short time we saw this affectionate side of Safari and sadly it ended this way. With a genre like this death is inevitable.

Really well executed scene in the amusement park. I got surprised when Doc pulled out the gun I got so excited. I knew Doc wasn't going to die or anything especially in the episode but at that point when he froze everything just came crumbling down I skyrocketed out my seat I was like "COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES!"

Doc/Soo Min interaction was so genuine. Small gestures of comfort and healing were somewhat painful to watch because we don't know what will their future beholds.

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Jul 29, 2013

Oh damn....

SUCH AN AMAZING EPISODE! SO many things happened! Its like one big ride as it is comming to an end. Epic drama... really epic.

Im sooooo excited to see how this drama ends. Hope for a good ending - at least for some characters.

btw _____SPOILER_______________
Uncle Safari...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :-(
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