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Aug 31, 2015

Five Stars

I loved this episode! I cried rivers throught the entire episode and for me that is a great sign that a show has really made an impact.

I loved Shi Hyun's character with all my heart, from beginning to end, and I may be only one who doesn't appreciate a happy ending. I do love fluff and happy endings but sometimes things just have to be dark and angsty for it to be intruiging. The last episode did also match the entire theme of the show, it would have been odd if it would have been a really happy ending, right? I mean, it is called Cruel/Heartless City for a reason ;).

My favourite scene was when Jin Suk talked to Shin Hyun and he completely broke down. Their relationship was so great.

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Apr 12, 2015

Heartless Episode

I may be mistaken but I think that this was the worst last episode I have ever watched in my entire life. The only thing that made the episodes before the final one bearable was the thought that MAYBE this drama would have a happy ending. Well it kinda had, but after a lot of awful things happened. It didn't make me happy. My heart was broken beyond repair and I couldn't help crying until everything burned (I have acid tears, lol) and everything was soaked with my tears.
I actually wanted to watch 'Falling for Innocence' after watching 'Cruel City', but I am not so sure anymore. I don't think I can bear seeing Doctor's Son and Soo together, but not REALLY together (I think they are rivals?). Their friendship in 'Cruel CIty' was just so precious and if anything, it kind of was relieving to know that none of them had to live without the other. Ahh, my poor heart.
One last thing I want to get off my chest: I was not satisfied with Min Hong Ki's ending.I wanted to see him suffer and go all crazy. Instead I had to endure his annoying face and his ugly fake smile in the last episode (he was shown so much and always doing atrocious things, matching his fugly personality) instead of seeing my lovelies all happy-go-lucky.
But one thing that made me take a breather was Jin-Sook Unni apparently forgiving Soo Min and getting along with her. And I loved her comment on Soo Min's police uniform, although this scene was especially heartbreaking after she's told Shi Hyun that she wanted to see HIM in his police uniform. Oh, my poor POOR heart.

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Aug 6, 2013

Saw the damn ending a mile away, but still can't live with it!


Disappointed with the ending big time. Whoever is saying this is an open ending didn't watch the show. The guy is a goner. There are too many hints to be in any doubt or to interpret anything 'open' about the ending.

He was shot square in the heart. Ji Sook was decked out in full black paying her last respects to his shrine, speaking to him in the past tense. At his apartment, his spirit appeared to Soo Min before disappearing. The two little kids at the end symbolize Gyung Mi & SH together in death! Nothing about that is open! It's as closed as close can get.

I would have preferred a true open ending to this! I hate these type of endings! 20hrs invested in an amazing character, only for him to get whacked!

Not every gangster gets killed in gangland. SH was too smart to expire like that. He could have outwitted them and lived, just like he's been doing all along. Even if we didn't get a happy ending with him & Soo Min they could have at least spared his life, send him off to Japan or something. My heart is broken.

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Aug 4, 2013

And then we came to the end

(spoilers included, also spoilers for the drama 49days, also long long comment)
So I feel like I'm one of the few that actually liked the ending of the drama 49days.And not because I'm a cold-hearted person. No. I cried my eyes out when she died, but I wouldn't want it the other way around. Because I understand. I do. I know that no matter how much you try, no matter how many things you overcome, no matter how much you mature,how much you change for the better well, life will still do whatever it wants.It's gonna screw you over again. Because everyone knows that life isn't fair.I truly believed that if we had gotten our "happily ever after" the drama wouldn't be as good as it was. It wouldn't be so true. So what really changed this time around? Why could't just accept that life is life and life is cruel? I know, I know. I proved that I understand since 49days ended. I can accept that he dies but I don't want to. And it's not because he went through so much, because he was strong and because he was betrayed by the person who believed in. No. No. It's different this time. He started with hopes, he was optimistic,he had faith that he could make a difference in this freaking world. He was full of light and in the process he was let down. He found himself fighting with this monster with many heads that he couldn't win and finally he lost his faith. He lost his faith that there is still some good left in this world. And on 49days it was kind of the reversed process. She realised how cruel the world is but in end life was hopeful because she- and us- saw that good, and regret, and making the wrongs right still exist. It started from darkness and ended in light,in a kind of hopeful way. In Cruel City it started (kind of in his mind in the very very beginning) in light and ended in darkness. And I understand that this is how things work but still it's such a pessimistic message to give.
The city stays cruel until the end.
But no matter how things ended I still believe that it is on of the best dramas I have watched so far. And the acting was superb. (And yes I know what most people who finished reading my rambling would think "well get yourself together it's just a drama" well I promise you that I will try!)

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Aug 3, 2013

Not very satisfying but it's cool

Everything in the last episode was good except that they rushed things in the last 10 minutes.

I was nervous that they would kill Doc; I kept waiting until the last second to be relieved Phew! An open ending is way better than killing him so I can’t really complain.

Well, it could’ve ended much better than this and there was no need to kill Soo ah; if Jin Sook stayed alive then he should’ve stayed alive too. But director Min is dead so it’s all good. Many other things could’ve been added to the last episode but well, it’s not that bad.

All in all, I think this drama is one of the kind and I am so glad that the last episode didn’t ruin it.

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Aug 2, 2013

There was more to the original ending!

Everybody dies =( but it gave a finishing touch to the whole thing. (although... I hated to see Safari die... he seemed like a cool guy)

Google around and you will find that they originally filmed more for the ending. I didn't read it in detail but basically SH got a new identity and left the country without anyone else knowing. So the guy at the end was SH still alive.
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Aug 1, 2013


srjfthsrdghjsed i am so bloody annoyed at these stupid endings now. Enough is enough writers why why why. One of the BEST dramas i ever seen. The music, The actors, The character, The way its filmed but WHY WHY WHY WHY. I was annoyed at Shark's ending now this> *sighs. BUT WAY TO GO FOR THE REST OF THE SHOW :/
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Aug 1, 2013

Effort did not go waste

I just finished watching the last episode of Cruel City and I want to say that it was a roller coaster ride, but I enjoyed every bits of it. In this episode there were some sad things. But I think the director ended the drama well. Even though, I wish the ending was better, but oh well... Lee Jin Sook was amazing in the last two episodes we got to see her emotional side and that she loved Shi Hyun; She accepts him for who he is. The scene where Shi Hyun and her was bawling their eyes out was amazing and sad. Soo and Shi Hyun bromance loved it. Soo shouldn't have died. I mean well not in a way like that, but it's a dark drama so what do you expect? The Soo Min scene was sad. I wish they could have ended up together though. But overall I enjoyed this drama nonetheless. The ending with just Shi Hyun back I guess we had to come up with how he had lived or I don't know...

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Aug 1, 2013


I was so hesitant to watch the last episode because I wasn't ready for a farewell.

This show is very strong in sense of hitting your emotions, which make it the best thing to watch or a misery because at times it can get emotionally frustrating.

I loved this episode from every aspect! I didn't think that the last episode would turn out to be one of my favourites.

Soo. I guess the writers gave us proof he didn't have nine lives. You were always so reckless that I can't say I didn't see this coming. Doc has very strong relationships around him and even though Soo was broken I had hope. The way Soo went in by himself he knew he was going to die and a part of him wanted that because he thought he was a burden to Doc. He was trying to ease Doc's pain. This was his sacrifice because he thought their friendship was getting in the way of him living as a cop.

Lee Jin Sook is my absolute addiction. These last two episodes were the emotional side of her. Losing a man she can never had and losing a man that could have been hers. Her confrontation with Soo well emotional everything in the last episodes was connected to emotions and feelings. They both were hurt equally and I'm glad Soo has someone to look up to and LJK has someone to comfort towards. They are supporting each other from now on.

That scene of Soo imagining Doc can we just say how beautifully executed that was. Pulled the strongest string in your heart. Doc never learned how to love properly, but he loved Soo Min and he showed that by protecting her and that's the only way he knows how to love.

This was Doc Son's path. He could have only gone deeper, but he couldn't have gone back. He could have gone rogue. Doc has the potential to be very lethal and dangerous. He could have wiped out everything that came his way, but in the end he still tried to do the right thing. Doc deserves happiness and it starts within. The ending is very clear. He is alive. The colour of his suit changed maybe he can finally be in peace now.

I still can't digest this show is over. I had such routine and habit of watching the episodes. It's going to be hard to let go. Best drama I have ever watched. It executed amazingly from the first minute to the last. Thank you!

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Aug 1, 2013


Some days ago I watched Korean movie " New World " it’s great movie about gangsters and undercover agents too, and I said to myself " ooh yeah my dear Sali maybe you are spoiled about the ending of Cruel City … "
I never hoped happy end for Doc’s san, he had only two posible ending “die" or “be one of them against the police"… so ending for doc’s san was good and suitable for this genre and drama. But it’s TV Drama and not Noir Movie, so we can see Doc’s back at the end…
Doc’s character and actor JKH’s great acting is one of the basic reason for such a success of this drama.

Soo … only he was my headache .. in that fucking dark and cruel gangster world he was only one “colorful" person… from the begining he was my favorite and made me worried so much in every episode of this drama… I knew that he will end like this but I cried so much … my colorful gangster he died in such a stupid way…

Moon Deok-Bae (Safari) for me he was the most tragic character from all of them… I cried a lot when he died…

Han Soo-Min … I never liked her from the begining…

Ji Hyeong-Min … I liked him after his reunion with Doc.

Lee Jin-Sook … were moments when I hated this character… but I like her for loving and supporting Doc while expecting nothing back.

Min Hong-Ki … what can I say, from the begining he was suspiciously good cop. :D :D

and I have to say about the amazing soundtracks of this drama…

overall… 10/10 from me… maybe it’s little overrated but this drama deserves 10 from me, in my opinion it’s the best drama of 2013 which I watched .
I have to say something about the amazing soundtracks of this drama… they are really amazing...

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Aug 1, 2013


I'm still processing because the ending felt so rushed. There were too many things going on in this drama that I think that last 1 hour couldn't possibly wrap it all up...

I love that to the end, Lee Jin Sook was one to keep them all grounded. Her support for Shi Hyun was powerful and acceptance to him. When he burst out and bawled like a kid (literally how he cried), it was a really amazing scene. Their connection and love for each other was portrayed really well. The love is unconditional and I applaud Jin Sook's character for loving him while expecting nothing in return. She's so understanding... even discovering the truth about Soo Min, Shi Hyun, and their relationship didn't make her lose her good judgement. The actress is phenomenal.

I appreciate the bromance between Shi Hyun and Soo, and I can only imagine the betrayal Soo felt when he found out Shi Hyun used him. The way his character reacted was definitely believable, he was lost after finding out the truth, but he was loyal to the end. I really wish he didn't have to die, especially since he died in such a stupid way. He shouldn't have gone alone like that...

Hyung Min... I couldn't stand him earlier on because of his reckless ways, but I wish his character would've been like that to the end. I actually grew to like him after him and Doc came to an understanding. I just wish he used the same passion he used to catch Doc to KILL DIRECTOR MIN AS SOON AS HE SAW HIM!!!

Soo Min, I don't really feel anything for her other than that she and Doc make a cute couple. The ending scene at Doc's house when she's all alone was really sad though.. I really wish they couldve been together.

The reason this drama was such a success is because of Doctor's Son/Shi Hyun and the actor that portrayed him JKH. Every delivery was amazingly beautiful and as gorgeous as he is. He's such a complex character I still don't completely understand him. I don't like the ending, but I think with such a dark theme as this show has, it was inevitable.

The open ending was appreciated but not wanted. I like that the show gave us the choice of his life or death... but I would've like a clear ending for closure. I see why they didn't give us a funeral or anything because it doesn't want SH's death to be set in stone, but his life isn't absolute either.

The overwhelming sense of "undercoverness" fits with the ending. It's like SH/Doc is now undercover with a completely new identity.

I'll definitely miss this show and Doc... Thanks for the amazing show with such wonderful talent.

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Jul 31, 2013


SH omg noooo...
I really hate open endings! grrr....
Maybe it can be a hint for a CC2, who knows.
But this episode was awesome, but the last 10 min was too rushed, I'm still speechless, uri paksa, wae??
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Jul 30, 2013

NOOOOOOO! ===== SPOILER-ish======

Now Im totally depresssed. This was not the ending i wanted (but i kind of expected it). Just.... Noooooooo! No! No. Poor SH, he didnt deserve this. He suffered all his life. He should have nice ending :(

But this drama was really amazing. One of the bests i have ever seen.
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