The FL is from real world and travels into a tv show
FL tries not to die/ get killed
FL is funny and cute
At first the ML and FL hate each other but soon start to like each other
ML is mean at first to ML then becomes very obedient
Has Second ML who helps and is nice to the FL

This show is very short 3hrs total
Recommended by humuna humuna humuna
Both the FL accidentally entered and got trapped in a historical drama and ML was somewhat familiar to the FL(the idol Jing Qing - in The Queen of Attack ) & (the male lead of her series script - in The Romance of Tiger and Rose.
The FL's were both supposed to be a mere side character who is set to be killed by the ML.
The happy ending is set on the modern world.
The Romance of Tiger and Rose is longer with more episodes and plots but they are quite similar.
Recommended by ScarletWolf
Both seem to have FL crossing into a drama world where she's fated to die and manages to prevent such fate.
Recommended by ObsidianAviary
Both Historic/ Costume dramas
Both FLs time travels (in Queen of attack the FL rather travels into a historic drama plot)
In both the Leads meet each other in the present
Both MLs are King
Both FLs are students
Recommended by Shivelight
Female lead is a modern girl who gets sent to a TV show and becomes the Empress who dies in the third episode, so she tries to survive past the third episode! A lot of fun, hilarious, with good soundtrack and great chemistry between the leads--so good that the show even got a season 2 and an alternate season with same actors but different setting.
Recommended by Jina
- Great chemistry between cold emperor and perky concubine
- FL travelled to a different dimension (drama and novel)
- ML initially hated FL because she’s meant to be the antagonist’s pawn
- FL is very earnest in all things (fulfilling their mission) and in the end protecting the ML
- both have good ending IRL
PS. Just search for the other QoA seasons.
Recommended by Nam Gonzales
- Female lead gets transported into a novel/comics, ancient China setting
- Male lead initially wants to kill female lead
- Male lead is of royal blood (specifically, the emperor)
- Male lead initially not interested in female lead, slowly gets attracted to female lead
- Quick-witted, strong-personality, fun-to-watch female lead
- Same comedic vibes as Romance of Tiger and Rose
- Love triangle between male lead, female lead, and another guy in the palace

**Queen of Attack season 1 runs a total of 3 hours (9 mins per episode)
**Queen of Attack season 2 also 3 hours
**Queen of Attack movie (picks up where season 2 left off) runs for 2 hours (has 2 parts, each running for 40 mins)
Recommended by blazemage03
FL enters an ancient time world and suddenly is the wife of the crown prince/emperor. Her husband mistrust her. Is somehow mean but also interested in her.
The FL is strong minded, selfconfident and funny. In both she try to find a way back home but the focus is on the hate to love relationship.
Recommended by Mokona
Both are mini dramas with a modern day FL in a historical setting and a royal ML.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
Short drama with time loop.
The FL also have to find a way to get out of the loop and fall in love.
There is mystery to be solved.
Recommended by Mariana
Both dramas are set within the world of a historical game that the FL is playing and in which she must accomplish tasks in order to complete.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
Both are short (drama vs. movie) and have the same actor as the ML. The couple has an antagonistic or bickering relationship. Both are set within a fictional historical world with VR elements.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
In love and emporer , fl travel to a game and become an ugly maid

In QOA Even though not game based...

The FL travel back to history drama were she is supposed to die in 3rd episode
Recommended by Rlly anna
Both are mini dramas with a fictional historical setting (game vs. manga) with the FLs dying/reliving the same events repeatedly and trying to change them.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
Both are Mini drama

In QOA fl travel to historical drama and try to survive
In BOE the emporer come to modern times
Recommended by Rlly anna
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