It has a similar premise except that the female lead is fighting against the one who killed her parents.
Recommended by MightyPeanut
In both dramas the main heroine changes identity and seduces a man who wronged her as a revenge. Both are a bit campy and over the top.
Recommended by marti
20-year old Deok Yi’s quiet small-town life gets exciting when a former University Professor, Hak Kyu, moves in, running from the scandal of a sexual harassment allegation. He works as a literature instructor at a culture center and she works at an old amusement park. Mutual attraction leads the pair into a lusty affair, but when the fall semester begins, Hak Kyu is reinstated at the university and returns to his family in Seoul, leaving Deok Yi behind. She refuses to let the relationship die, and a confrontation between them turns tragic when Hak Kyu’s wife commits suicide. 8 years later, Hak Kyu is a popular writer, but he is barely able to see, losing his eyesight to a disease, and he's estranged from his daughter Cheong, who blames him for her mother's death. At this time, he befriends Se-Jung, a new neighbor who moves in next door. He gladly accepts her help and Cheong becomes romantically attached to her, neither realizing she is in fact Deok Yi, the woman Hak Kyu betrayed 8 years ago, now on a quest to destroy them. Her plan sets off a vengeance-fuelled chain of events that ultimately sets the three bitter, angry and desperate schemers on a twisting collision course with each other.
Recommended by 73n5h1k015h173
The story will focus on a love triangle between the three leads. Eikura plays the role of Morimoto Naoko, a girl from the countryside whose first love is her uncle, Ikezawa Masato. She follows after him to Tokyo by getting admitted into an elite medical university, but there she runs into Masato's girlfriend and colleague Aya, a beautiful and intelligent researcher who is the daughter of the university hospital's director. However, things get complicated after Naoko and Masato meet again.
Recommended by 73n5h1k015h173
I feel like Anna and Eve are similar in that they are both intense dramas about women who have to hide their past for different reasons. Both FL lie about who they are in order to achieve a certain goal. Both of these are very gritty dramas.
Recommended by MatildediShabran
Forbidden love
Interest character
I see the intens of romance from both drama
Just more lengthnon Red Balloon
Recommended by Meli

A young ad executive's life has been turned upside down when a vicious client ruins his three billion yen project. Through his chance meeting with the disgruntled daughter of his enemy, he plans a vengeance scheme. The young woman agrees to play the victim of his bogus kidnapping.
Recommended by 4chukyunz1302
Both got
- Rich families
- Makjang vibes
- Parents cheating
- Successful leads
- Connections
- Cheating
- Revenge
- Age gap of the cheating leads
Recommended by Suzzyy
It’s about revenge on powerful people and it’s emotional roller coaster, it also has many good kisses
Recommended by hyejinkim22
Both have revenge plot. Both are about socialites and people who are on top. If you liked celebrity you’ll like Eve
Recommended by GiftChukwu
Makjangs are a hit or miss. They can be unbelievable crazy or elegant crazy. And these two are the later
They're dramatic and extreme but it's no penthouse and it's not boring
There are characters to root for, mainly fl and her sweet sls vibed partner in crime.
Recommended by XingBack
Both are about cheating and affairs. Both "mistresses" are villains tho R&D yoo hee is more a Rael than Eve's Rael. She has no attachments and she twists everything to her advantage
The wives are opposites, with Sora being a psychopath, and hyesung has more opportunities to have revenge
Recommended by XingBack
Both stories focus around women seeking revenge for crimes committed against them in the past. Also, Yoo Sun is in both of them, though her role is more major in Eve. Eve has more romance and the main character is keeping more secrets, while Queen of Masks is a more a story about a tangled friend group where everyone has their own lies and love stories going on but is not exactly romantic.
Recommended by Convenientalias
Eve is a revenge makjang while lust, caution is more of an espionage thriller, both involve a femme fatale seducing powerful and rich married men with ulterior motives. Nonetheless, lemme tell you that Lust,Caution is way superior!
Recommended by Karma
Has revenge plot. Both waited years to achieve revenge. Both dramas have cold hearted female lead that have no mercy in their plot of revenge.
Recommended by GiftChukwu
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