Becoming Witch Episode 1

8.5/10 from 3 users
Jun 25, 2022
The three friends each have their own story. Since their youth, they were wishing for a life that they thought was perfect for themselves. However, it just turns out that they live… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 2

8.5/10 from 2 users
Jul 02, 2022
Ma Ri starts to find evidence that Nak Gu is having an affair. She goes to a lawyer to plan the divorce. Meanwhile, Hee Soo also goes through a problem of her own with her husband.… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 3

8.5/10 from 2 users
Jul 09, 2022
Ma Ri will not give Nak Gu what he wants. She makes it official that she will never divorce Nak Gu. Hence, Nak Gu has to keep living with Ma Ri while worrying about how she might kill… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 4

8.8/10 from 2 users
Jul 16, 2022
Ma Ri is in search of evidence that Nak Gu was having an affair on the night of a day in April 2021. She digs into a speeding ticket of that day in hopes of finding a photo of both… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 5

10.0/10 from 1 user
Jul 23, 2022
Ma Ri finds Nak Gu and Go Eun when the two are on their way to getting married. The aggressive car chase ends up sending Ma Ri and Nak Gu to a hospital. Meanwhile, Woo Bin suddenly… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 6

9.3/10 from 2 users
Jul 30, 2022
Ma Ri and Nak Gu head face to face in their legal dispute. They use every evidence they have to get the upper hand. Meanwhile, Woo Bin stays at Jin A's place for a while until he decides… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 7

9.3/10 from 3 users
Aug 06, 2022
Ma Ri decides to show no mercy and barges into the wedding hall with Jin A and Hee Soo by her side. Everyone tries to stop Ma Ri, but Ma Ri, in her angry state, cannot be stopped.… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 8

9.3/10 from 3 users
Aug 13, 2022
The whole family is gathered as Ma Ri and Nak Gu continue to argue over matters regarding their divorce. To make things worse, Ma Ri and Nak Gu's mothers meddle in and make the already… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 9

9.0/10 from 1 user
Aug 20, 2022
Nak Gu lies unconsciously on the floor, and Ma Ri has already left the house. Meanwhile, Ma Ri, Jin A, and Hee Soo are on their way to a place with a blood-soaked body in the trunk.… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 10

9.5/10 from 1 user
Aug 27, 2022
Girls and boys end up spending the night in the same villa. Unfortunately, none of the couples have their issues aligned. One thinks that both would be better off without the other,… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 11

9.5/10 from 1 user
Sep 03, 2022
Ma Ri's plan was to lure Nak Gu to the Chulreong Bridge and see how things pan out. However, Nak Gu actually fell for her trap and ended up falling off. The police investigation begins… read more

Becoming Witch Episode 12

10.0/10 from 1 user
Sep 10, 2022
The relief that Ma Ri expected from cutting ties with Nak Gu turns out to be something less fancy, and some sort of sadness takes her over. However, in no time, the situation takes… read more

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