You Who Came from the Stars



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You Who Came from the Stars (2013)

Both of these dramas have a main male character with special abilites and a love-hate relationship with the female character. Also, both female characters are lowkey idiots with a good heart xD
Recommended by Mariana
Besides having the wonderful Jun Ji Hyun as a main character one again, both dramas explore mystical being and "past lives".
Recommended by DurHanNi
For those who can't get enough of their Kim Soo Hyun fix. This is one of his previous drama which is worth watching.
Recommended by biniBningPunkista
These two dramas both are centred around a man who has lived in the past: in the Joseon era, falling in love with an actress from the 21st Century. They are both a mix of romance with fantasy. They also feature the same actress (Yoo In Na).
Recommended by SilverCloud
Both really cute, rom/com dramas. The main actor is hot & both have great chemistry. Must watch, you'll love it!
Recommended by PrincessJennifer
It's another fantasy drama that I love. It has similar elements in that the girl is spunky (in a more tough tomboyish way), and it will make you laugh. I highly recommend it, as I found My Love From Another Star somehow similar.
Recommended by Kristen Gregory
Both leads are hilarious without even trying. Feel-good Dramas to the max!
Recommended by Giyongchystyle
The same bold witty strong female lead character, the guy who has some 'debt' in the past to the girl and try to protect her in the present, the second male lead who finally join hands with the male lead to protect the girl. and they have a pshycho as the bad guy.
Recommended by cuzie
both dramas deal with a supernatural being and finding love between a supernatural being and a human. Both dramas have the mains face obstacles that stand in their way and people who are determined to stop them from being together.
Recommended by so1jhk
they are both the same dramas (obviously) and I really liked it!
(BTW: Do Min June (Kim Soo Hyun) looks so cute! (I wish he's my husband!!!!!)
Recommended by may
In both dramas the female lead is a celebrity who has her own career standing on the edge, while the male lead is an alien who has to live a limited time on the Earth and they both fall in love.
Recommended by Dia
6.1 Real (2017)
i really really love kim soo hyun, hopefully he will have a new drama and film,i love his acting skill, because in real life i thing he's a spirit person and cheerfully and funny full of jokes,i like each drama of his playing, and i like his voice..
pleasee kim soo hyun have a many new drama as fast as you can, i'll waiting
Recommended by Qonita Maulidya
For those of us in our twenties, these lighthearted rom cons are the rare korean dramas that's doesn't require us to use the fast-fastward button. Both funny and touching at the same time.
Recommended by Angela
Both have the alien plot and have young guy, older woman couple.
Recommended by Kimcat177
Even they have different story, but they have similarities like: Both main leads are neighbor, The female lead stalk the male lead that she loves and does everything to meet him and enter his house,Both lead females always playing around and joking, also there is a childhood friend who is in love with the lead female, but the woman sees her as a friend, Both women are brave in love and they don't give up when the guy reject them. And in both the male lead is also in love with female, but because of some reason they reject female lead.
Recommended by jinnborn