Marry My Husband Episode 1

9.1/10 from 137 users
Jan 01, 2024
Ji Won believed that Soo Min would always have her back until she discovered that Soo Min was having an affair with her husband. Ji Won, a terminally ill cancer patient, witnesses… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 2

9.2/10 from 120 users
Jan 02, 2024
Ji Won has gone back 10 years in time and learns that events will unfold as they are meant to according to the law of destiny. In an attempt to pass on her fate to Soo Min, she tries… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 3

9.2/10 from 112 users
Jan 08, 2024
Yoo Ji Hyuk had no connections with Ji Won in her previous life, but he is gradually becoming involved in her current life. Soo Min invites Ji Won to a school reunion to resurrect… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 4

9.3/10 from 111 users
Jan 09, 2024
Ji Won attends an event with Ji Hyuk and meets someone who will be a future topic of discussion. Ji Hyuk becomes concerned as he observes Ji Won's transformation. After a heated encounter… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 5

9.1/10 from 95 users
Jan 15, 2024
Ji Hyuk reminisces about his first encounter with Ji Won eight years ago. His sole purpose in coming back is now Ji Won. Soo Min manipulates Mr. Kim to steal Ji Won's proposal, while… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 6

9.3/10 from 111 users
Jan 16, 2024
Ji Hyuk confesses his feelings to Ji Won, but she has no time to contemplate her own emotions for him. As Ji Won attempts to overcome her destiny and confront forces opposing the original… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 7

9.0/10 from 86 users
Jan 22, 2024
The two have discovered that they both traveled back in time! While Ji Won is thrilled to find a comrade, Ji Hyuk starts to avoid her. He suffers alone after learning of the cruel… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 8

8.8/10 from 85 users
Jan 23, 2024
During the company's autumn workshop, Ji Won and Soo Min engage in a fierce battle of wits. It's the first time they confront each other so sincerely. Soo Min becomes angry and attempts… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 9

9.2/10 from 85 users
Jan 29, 2024
With Ji Hyuk's help, Min Hwan proposes to Ji Won. Ji Won spreads rumors at work to start a buzz. Soo Min is upset and intentionally tries to turn Min Hwan's mother and Ji Won into… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 10

9.2/10 from 92 users
Jan 30, 2024
Ji Won ruins the engagement dinner, leaving Min Hwan utterly embarrassed. Employees soon gossip that Ji Won and Min Hwan's engagement has been called off, and he's been cheating with… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 11

8.8/10 from 75 users
Feb 05, 2024
They finally kiss. Ji Won is going full power towards him, while he continually tries to hit the brakes. Eventually, he ends up opening up to Ji Won. On the other hand, Soo Min and… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 12

7.1/10 from 92 users
Feb 06, 2024
Ji Hyuk's fiancée, Yu Ra, makes an appearance and creates a rift between Ji Hyuk and Ji Won. Moreover, Ji Won is surprised to hear about Joo Ran's stomach cancer. She is shocked to… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 13

8.1/10 from 66 users
Feb 12, 2024
After an accident that was intended to harm Ji Won, Ji Hyuk gets injured instead and falls into a coma. Ji Won is scared that Ji Hyuk may never wake up. With everyone involved in the… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 14

8.7/10 from 60 users
Feb 13, 2024
Ji Hyuk regains consciousness and quietly trails the person involved in the accident that Yoo Ra is trying to conceal. Meanwhile, Ji Won realizes that, in order to pass on her fate… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 15

9.1/10 from 54 users
Feb 19, 2024
Soo Min meets Yoo Ra and presents compelling evidence, prompting Yoo Ra to start finding a way to resolve the situation once and for all. Ji Won and Ji Hyuk initiate their final operations… read more

Marry My Husband Episode 16

9.2/10 from 50 users
Feb 20, 2024
With Soo Min's disappearance after Min Hwan's death, the fate intertwined with Ji Won finally dissolves. Ji Won receives a formal invitation to Chairman Yoo Han Il's home and starts… read more

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