Sunny Happiness



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They are extremely family focused and they are also in a contract marriage for the sake of a child. The female lead marrys to a rich family. It really gives me the same feeling and this drama also made me cry.
Recommended by elvi
two great dramas from Mike He. different characters but there are sorts of rival between the siblings. both dramas have a strong female characters that both are very determine in going through their life.

and I wish Mike He will reunite with Rainie Yang or Janine Chang somewhere in the future.
Recommended by Ann Choo Ha
Both dramas involve an accidental pregnancy and contract marriage that brought the leads closer. The female lead in sunshine happiness wanted to save an orphanage and the female lead in fated to love you wanted to save a soap factory and her hometown. Both female leads are both caring individuals who puts other's needs and feeling first. This traits endeared them to their respective male leads.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
Sunny Happiness has a contract marriage, and it's an amusing watch.
Recommended by Keurinibae
The couple from Happy & Love Forever play a supporting part in the first episode of Sunny Happiness. Also, its your basic romantic comedy too!
Recommended by MochiBunny95
Mike He is the lead actor + both have love contracts
Recommended by LadyEclair
both male lead are owner of hotel/restaurant and female lead used to work their as an employee for some reason they get in pretended relationship, both drama have child involvement also
Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
Both involve contract marriage and are pretty much non-explosive dramas that allow a very nice and enjoyable watch.
Recommended by PrincessLemon
Both male leads have a child from previous relationship. Both female leads work as a maid/nanny.
Recommended by kimchifans
Both main men have bitter past love relationships, and unknowingly have children their former lover hid from them. Both struggle with love and acceptance of their past and future life and love.
Recommended by azndrama