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Secret Episode 1

9.0/10 from 75 users
Sep 25, 2013
Min Hyuk seems to have it all as he was born in a wealthy family. However, when his father wants him to marry Se Yeon instead of the woman he truly loves, his life doesn't seem so… read more

Secret Episode 2

8.8/10 from 72 users
Sep 26, 2013
Min Hyuk tries everything to save Ji Hee, but his efforts fall short. The police investigate the hit-and-run case and Yoo Jung becomes the suspect of this case. On his first day of… read more

Secret Episode 3

9.0/10 from 70 users
Oct 02, 2013
Yoo Jung believes that Do Hoon will prove her innocent. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk is determined to take revenge on Yoo Jung for the rest of his life. To start such plan, he proposes to Se… read more

Secret Episode 4

9.2/10 from 68 users
Oct 03, 2013
Yoo Jung gives birth while she is in prison. She does everything to protect the baby. Min Hyuk and Se Yeon don't get married and take time. Do Hoon gets involved in their family affairs,… read more

Secret Episode 5

9.3/10 from 68 users
Oct 09, 2013
Yoo Jung's father's dementia get worse day by day. Yoo Jung tries to get a job in order to earn money for his surgery. However, her criminal record keeps get on the way. While trying… read more

Secret Episode 6

9.5/10 from 82 users
Oct 10, 2013
Yoo Jung and her father go to Do Hoon to find shelter but get denied. Yoo Jung decides to sell her ring so her father can have surgery. Se Yeon calls off the wedding. Min Hyuk tries… read more

Secret Episode 7

9.4/10 from 70 users
Oct 16, 2013
Min Hyuk found Yoo Jung passed out, and quickly brought her to the hospital. He said to her while she was lying down unconscious, “This ain’t not fun if you’re lying down like… read more

Secret Episode 8

9.5/10 from 73 users
Oct 17, 2013
Min Hyuk, who has been following Yoo Jung to take a revenge on her for killing his ex-girlfriend, realized that she would have never done such a thing, Min Hyuk was shocked to find… read more

Secret Episode 9

9.2/10 from 65 users
Oct 23, 2013
Min Hyuk is dismissed from his position as the president and is in a pickle. After disclosing Min Hyuk's secret to Jae Ha, Do Hoon approaches Se Yeon. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk looks for… read more

Secret Episode 10

9.5/10 from 72 users
Oct 24, 2013
Due to Min Hyuk's threat, Yoo Jung is forced to work at his house. Min Hyuk tries to look for proof of Do Hoon's crime. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung finds information linked to her father's… read more

Secret Episode 11

9.5/10 from 68 users
Oct 30, 2013
While looking for Yoo Jung, Min Hyuk finds her at a bakery and lends her his shoulder. Yoo Jung goes to Do Hoon but becomes enraged upon seeing his heartless actions. Meanwhile, Se… read more

Secret Episode 12

9.6/10 from 78 users
Oct 31, 2013
Ji Sung Kneels Down in Front of Hwang Jung Eum to Kiss Her...

Secret Episode 13

9.4/10 from 67 users
Nov 06, 2013
After witnessing how much Min Hyuk has changed, Se Yeon becomes close with Do Hoon. Min Hyuk gets hurt and Yoo Jung can’t help but worry for him. Meanwhile, Chairman Cho returns… read more

Secret Episode 14

9.4/10 from 56 users
Nov 07, 2013
Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk confirm their feelings toward each other. Chairman Cho becomes curious and orders a background research on Yoo Jung. Brokenhearted, Se Yeon decides to destroy… read more

Secret Episode 15

9.4/10 from 47 users
Nov 13, 2013
Under the pressure applied by Do Hoon and Se Yeon, Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung face a dilemma. Do Hoon betrays K Group, and Min Hyuk retaliates against Do Hoon. With the date of the wedding… read more

Secret Episode 16

9.4/10 from 71 users
Nov 14, 2013
Yoo Jung learns about the shocking truth involving her son. Do Hoon gets interrogated by the prosecution for multiple charges. The truth that had been hidden all along unveils. (Source:… read more