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Both are funny yet somehow cute. In both, the guys are bossy with the girls, but was also protective.
Recommended by Oppa-kiss-me
but the male protagonist are rich and in the begging, they abuse from it. 100 days with mr. arrogant is less deep than a millionaire's first love but its a little bit alike. Though 100 days with mr. arrogant is funnier and has a lighter plot. It's still a really good movie to enjoy. But it might not make you cry...
Recommended by Tao_oppa
Both are very funny and the Main female leads have a lot in common. You`ll be laughing until jaw hurts
Recommended by Triple-R-
Ok, these are pretty differents (not the same emotions, not as moving) BUT it's a story of a selfish rich boy and a nice poor girl who finally fell in love
Recommended by chloe
They have the similar element of one person forcing the relationship at the beginning and both are hilarious about it.
Recommended by care
Both movies are about a boy how make the main Girl his slave.
Both Romcom movies with alot of funny scenes.
After finish The Black devil and the white prince. 100 Days with mr. Arrogant was the First Movie that came upon in my mind that relatable to it. The only Differents is that in The black devil and the White prince they have a love triangle and this don't happend in 100 Days with mr. Arrogant. Be I'm sure if you love one of them you also love the other.
Recommended by Shirley1994
After being dumped a girl causes an accident and ends up repaying a debt to a rich college student xD its so funny
Recommended by number1suzuki
Basically runs in the same arrogant guy-babo girl plot, offering romantic comedy. You might like this, but you might not. Expect lots of cliche, funny bickering and overdone acting.
Recommended by mszither