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Music in Korean dramas and films; part 1: classical
Editorials - Apr 13 2016

MDL'er ParkChohwa goes over several Korean titles that are heavily focused on classical music...

Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons
Editorials - Jan 14 2016

To where all human conflicts combine.

In The Know with Purplenette
News - Sep 28 2015

Makjang, High School, Sageuk, and more coming to dramaland in October.

Currently Watching: Mrs. Cop
Editorials - Sep 09 2015

Kim Hee Ae chasing criminals; the very sense of amusement and touching moments..

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Sep 02 2015

This weeks edition of Ask an Ajumma has them looking for unexpected drama gems; listing Kdramas that will blow your mind, and much more!

Korean Actresses Over 40 Who Never Cease to Amaze; Part 4
Editorials - Sep 15 2015

''Youthful looks always fade while real beauty never fades - the mentioned are truly beautiful ladies.'' MysteryMel-Bookish

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Aug 03 2015

This month we tackle nicknames, sageuks, eating utenstils, love, and school drama

In The Know with Purplenette
MDL News - Aug 10 2015

From detective to medical dramas, there is a variety of Korean dramas coming for all in August.

ChaNee's Weekend Movie Recommendations
Editorials - Jul 05 2015

Families are the best through tragedies, heartbreak, and triumph. They sometimes get on our nerves but they are the ones who have our back when the world seems too bleak. Spend some quality time with family movies.

Korean Actresses Over 40 Who Never Cease to Amaze: Part 3
Editorials - Aug 12 2015

Some more veteran actresses up your way.

Korean Actresses Over 40 Who Never Cease to Amaze; Part 1
Editorials - Jun 08 2015

Let's take our first doze of Korean actresses over 40.

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - May 30 2015

This month we have a *very* serious question in addition to our usual light and fun questions.

A Stalker's Guide to Yoo Ah In
Editorials - May 10 2015

A Stalkers's guide to the charming Yoo Ah In.

Staff Pick of the Month - Melodrama/Slice of Life Edition
Editorials - Mar 03 2015

This month, our beloved MDL staff introduce you to their favourite Melodramas & Slice of Life dramas...

7 Music Videos that should be made into Dramas
Editorials - Oct 25 2014

A list of some Music Videos that I consider could make great dramas.

Secret Love Affair
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