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Aug 31, 2021
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as the first part ended this started - not that it had any continuity/connection - it just started in the middle of a scene or so it felt. Nana being tied, this time to a chair in an unoccupied classroom. what bothered me the most, was the fact that the actress playing the FL seemed to be different - and spent a while wondering did she just change in a yr, enough that she seemed like a different person?!? as there's no info about the actress playing Nana in this or the previous cast& credits info on this site -

this movie is more or less along the same lines as the prequel - Nana needs "breathers" that Kaoru provides. Kaoru's reactions make this hilarious - as he is also battling his own feelings towards Nana, feeling's - he feels will take away his "power" and make Nana reject him, if she notice's them - so he tries to put on an indifferent front, while still making sure he stocked-up on BDSM paraphernalia to satisfy Nana's needs.

this time around i felt more like Nana was too self-centered - it was all about her (as it was in the previous ep) but i guess Kaoru getting a chance to live out his fantasies is something - and yet he always pining for her, almost obsessed with her... and her being stoic and cold - even indifferent towards him, when around her group (heck when her bff was badmouthing him) was making it glaringly clear, that she had the upper hand - and worse she didn't really care about Kaoru, his needs or him as a person -
so this time around it was harder to like her. but the trip to the country side was much needed for them both as she realized she need Kaoru as much as he needed her (about love i'm still on the fence - as i feel to Nana, she felt they both were the same perversion wise) guess that's a type of "happily ever after" as that means it aint the end of them... and maybe Kaoru has a fighting chance.

like i mentioned in the first movie even though this BDSM themed, its for everyone as it's BDSM light (almost No nudity maybe a butt-cheek or two), and it's more about their relationship then pain and degradation - facing each other and the truth. so this as the previous part, was a enjoyable watch and i'm totally vanilla - so give it a chance i was pleasantly surprised (●'◡'●)

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