Close Range Love



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This also tells story about love between teacher and student. Though they know it's forbidden but finally happy ever after was found when the student graduated from high school. It's a beautiful story about fighting for love. Love it!
Recommended by OlzDive
Both have the Genres Manga/Romance/School. Also both of them are pretty cute! However Kinkyori Renai is a relationship between a teacher and student while in Kimi ni Todoke it's between two students.
Recommended by IzzyDramaLover
There is the age gap between the leads. KWUWA is a little heavier, with a bit less romance. Not as fluffy as Kinkyori Renai.
Recommended by SSKF
Hello Schoolgirl was a little deeper. And it's not student - teacher, but the age gap is there. The schoolgirl and the older guy fall in love. It's fluffy cuteness (Kinkyori Renai was fluffier and cuter) and the ending was nice.
Recommended by SSKF
Both movies focus on forbidden love.
In Kinkyori Renai it's about teacher/student relationship while in P to JK it's romance between a police officer and 16 year old student.
Recommended by Ugly Duckling
Both of these movies tell you a romance story of a teacher and a student. The main difference is that in My Little Bride they're married, but in Kinkyori Renai they're just dating. Well, both are great movies with amazing cast <3
Recommended by Aiste
They are both student-teacher relationship. Hello Mr. Right is a Chinese drama whilst Close Range Love is a Japanese movie.
Recommended by AmynaA
Both are about student and teacher falling in love. If not right away, eventually.

However, Close Range Love has a hotter teacher, played by Yamapi. Just my opinion.

Sensei Kunshu is a little bit off and boring a bit.

Not just as exciting and passionate as Close Range Love that Yamapi really gave life to being a hot teacher and made you wish he really existed in real life.
Recommended by pinkvanilla
Past relationship teacher and student. Sad though, with enduring love.
Recommended by SSKF
In both a teacher falls for the student. They are both sweet and lots of romance. My rainy days touches more serious points tho.
Recommended by cherry
both drama's story revolve around the relationship between students and teachers
Recommended by Madhurantika
- Ikemen teachers.
- Teacher-student love relationship
- Typical shoujo-romance
- Good musics
Recommended by HAMEX
Same Sensei X Student forbidden relationship. Both really sweet and make you forget about their age gap.
Recommended by Kuriko
Both dramas are about the Student-Teacher relationships with the teacher being a few years older to a graduating high school student.
Recommended by sojushot
Both feature a teacher-student relationship based on a student falling for the teacher every girl in the school seems to love. However, while Kinkyori Renai chooses to develop the relationship further, Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta decides to keep the love one-sided and instead offers subliminal messages that stay in the viewer's mind.
Recommended by Kermit