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by akai-kitsune on May 29, 2013
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‘What do you have to say in your defense?’
‘I’m guilty, please have mercy with me. He is just too wonderful…'
'Don’t talk back…. you will regret it tomorrow!'
'I know, but one more picture, one more ad… and I’ll go to sleep…!'
'Tse, tse, tse. This again…’

What you just read is a lil dialogue I have regularly with my brain!
And who is the reason? It's him: 
Won Bin!
Won Bin is not only decorating my profile on MDL, but also on other sites I frequent. My PC screen and my phone screen… everywhere is Won Bin!
Okay, before I continue fangirling, I should tell you how I became a stalker of Won Bin. I admit while stalking I end up just saving all his pics and forgetting my goal. :D

My first ever movie with Won Bin was Mother. As the mentally disabled Yoon Do Joon, Won Bin didn't catch my attention. Why you want to know?  It was the Mother (played by Kim Hye Jae) that stole the whole show. Still the movie was very good and at its release it hit the box offices in Korea. BTW, it's not a movie to watch with minors.

A few weeks later I came upon an article and that was my doom. The article just depicted a picture of Won Bin behind the camera doing his own hair. Hell, is that guy awesome, I thought. Sorry, I can’t find the pic anymore. I did a little research and was shocked after seeing that he was that mentally disabled guy in Mother.

Just to see a bit more of his charm I started Autumn Tale (that I already had stored). Man, Won Bin as the spoiled brat Han Tae Suk was really good to watch, but someone spoiled the drama and I had to stop by ep 7. You, MDLers should still try the drama, while airing it was a hit and some of my drama friends really loved it. Won Bin is just great in his role and he is still sooo young in that drama.

Of course I still couldn’t let go of my Won Bin and so I watched Friends 2002.

Friends is the first drama co-produced by Japan and Korea. Here he acts as the rookie film director Kim Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon goes to Hong Kong to make a short movie, but ends up meeting Tomoko, who mistakes him for a thief. Even though they don’t speak the same language, their hearts beat together.

This mini drama is a must watch, 'cause you get great acting, a super cute love story and it's worth the four hours watch.

My next stop was Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. This movie is about a set of brothers who go to war together. Yes, a war movie, but still its a good movie. It shows really well how brothers should be for each other. Won Bin as Jin Seok is sooo super cute and his acting is as always, just great.

Now, it was time for The Man From Nowhere.

Do you have to know how great that movie and Won Bin are? No, 'cause just go and watch for yourself.

Okey, okey….. The Man From Nowhere is an action movie and, just like Tae Guk Gi, a genre I don’t like that much. My stalkerish nature made me watch it and since then I watched it like 5 times. The acting, the chemistry between the leads…. Go, go and watch it.

Last but not least I also watched Guns and Talks. Here Won Bin is the youngest of a team of assassins. As Ha Yeon, he is also the brother of the boss of the team and gets protected by his brother. Here Won Bin acts as a shy person, maybe a lil naive, but a good guy by heart and the only one falling in love.

Couldn’t find his older dramas, else I would have watched them long ago. His movie My Brother I’m saving in case he doesn’t do something new soon.

Hopefully he will be in some bigger projects than just ads this year and I can drool over him.
I somehow can't find his two dramas from 1998 and 2000. If you know where I can watch it just send me a mail.
I don’t know if you get why I love this guy, but I can’t help it. This should be the end before I spam pics of him.

For all who want to know more facts about him:

And his cute personality:

Thanks for reading and lastly: If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Elisabetta about it.