by DreamingKoreanBallad, November 1, 2014

                                                   Park Hae Jin


I first saw  Park Hae Jin  on East of Eden, a 2008 MBC drama.

was watching this drama for Song Seung Hun at first, but as I continued I became captivated by this gorgeous man Park Hae Jin. With each episode I was more and more intrigued by the character he played. I was attracted to his looks and personality. I saw through his exterior to the hurt child that lied beneath. I began stalking him from that moment on^^ He has since become one of my favorite actors.I am also infatuated with his scars - one by the side of his nose/above his lip (right side) and one by his eye/temple on the left side - so attractive ;) I also love his hands - he has beautiful long lengthy hands^^ I love everything about him - body shape, height, hands, scars, nose, lips, eyes, voice, & hair.

                                                          Here are some of my favorite projects by Park Hae Jin:

East of Eden 

Action, Romance 


I wrote above this was the first drama I watched with Park Hae Jin. I fell for him here. PHJ plays the role of the younger brother who was switched at birth and raised by his family's sworn enemy. Due to being raised by this unloving, evil parent he became a bittersweet person. I felt for his character at every bump and turn in the drama.  Him and his co-star Han Ji Hye (whom i also love as an actress) were perfect together in their roles in my opinion. It was also the first 50+ episode drama I attempted to watch and I am so glad I did.

My Daughter Seo Young

Family, Melodrama


It's a family drama that I watched in the span of 3 days - non-stop! No skip-watching ;D. Park Hae Jin plays the role of Lee Sang-Woo (hehe) the twin brother to Lee Bo Young. His character is an intern in a hospital. Also he is "sort of" in a love triangle with 2 women. His sister leaves the house and basically disowns her family, Sang Woo can't accept this fact and continues to live with his father. He believes family should be family even if they don't like what one or the other did."We are all born and raised differently, in that sense we all form different opinions about life and so we shouldn't judge others based on what we believe is right or wrong."

Hot Blood



Park Hae Jin plays a cars salesman with an honest heart ;) I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It was very much a business driven plot, but put together in such a way that it touches your heart - I'd let him sell me a car^^ He also has a love interest in this drama, played by Joo Yoon-Hee. She was sweet and I loved their short moments together.

High as Sky Wide as Earth

(a.k.a - By Land & Sky)

Romance, Family


 Park Hae Jin co-starred with Han Hyo Joo  in this. They had great chemistry - I would love to see them together in another drama. PHJ plays the role of Jeong Mu-Yeong who was left at the place his mother boarded for a short time with the promise of her returning to get him. Jeong Mu-Yeong struggles with an identity crisis and abandonment issues - he struggles with questions like: "where do I belong?", "who am I?", "am I worth loving?", "why was I abandoned?". And he says this one phrase that really choked me up, "I feel like a piece of luggage that was never picked up." :'( He grows up in this family as his family, but not his family at the same time, since his last name was never changed. He feels like a stranger living with someone else's family. His childhood friend (played by Han Hyo Joo) is his best friend and also the person he secretly loves, but he is too afraid to tell her that (b/c of his uncertain background). Him and HHJ are very playful on this drama.

Bad Guys

crime, drama


Is he a serial killer or not? It is the question I asked about every character on that drama. I loved his character in this, so mysterious and unknown and yet you felt like you could trust him.

Other dramas by PHJ that I have seen:

Infamous Chill Sisters (a.k.a Famous Princesses) - A family drama about daughters raised by a military man, also co-stars Lee Seung Gi. I desperately wanted to watch this drama, but couldn't find it anywhere online so I went and purchased it from ioffer, which I only go to on desperate occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed his character there - he was so love-struck by his commanding officer ;). (Quick fact: PHJ in real life was exempted from the military due to very bad nearsightedness and other health-related issues).

Man from the Stars - A fantasy drama starring Kim Soo Hyun. PHJ played the second leading guy who was after the heroine. If he was the lead I would have been rooting for him, but alas KSH was the lead and I have to say I liked him too ;)

Cheese in the Trap - I loved his character, cold, icy but yet there was something there on the inside that wanted to speak out but didn't know how. The only thing I disliked about this drama (besides the messed up ending) was the 2nd lead who drove me insane with his pity party when he was the one to blame the whole time, he irked me like none other - I really really detested him and his character. I had ZERO sympathy for him and just wished his screen time would reduce when unfortunately it increased at that point :/ The drama which I loved started to get messed up by I think it was episode 12 - after that it just went downhill and PHJ's screentime was reduced significantly - no fault to him in that at all. His character is very misunderstood by many viewers; In reality he just didn't trust humans and tried to test them many times b/c he felt like he could see where things would go - all b/c of a few incidents in the past that made him rigid and on-edge.

Doctor Stranger - This drama had potential, but it flopped. I stuck through it solely for PHJ's role.I was  intrigued to see what his character was going to do. If it wasn't for him I would have dropped it.

Man to Man (2017), It started great and I was excited but then it just got weird for me, it felt like a cringe fest. I liked Park Hae Jin's standalone character, but when mixed with everything else it just seemed like a mess. The actor guy (I usually like the actor) but his role was just way too over the top and the female lead, well I can say the only thing I actually ever liked her in was 'Mr. Sunshine'. And her hairstyle in this drama didn't do any good to her either. So needless to say I did not enjoy the romance one bit. Nor the over-the-top comedy. If it was more serious and action packed it would have been much better.


Snow is on the Sea (2012) - recently found it, still need to watch it.

                                                                     Personal details:

                                                       PHJ was born May 1, 1983 (5yrs older than me^^)

                                             Height: 186cm (6'1"), Blood Type: A, Weight: 72kg (158lbs)

Park Hae Jin is also a model of a skincare line called: Sooryehan. It's the first time that the brand has chosen a male model. 'Sooryehan' chose Park Hae Jin because  of his smooth, healthy skin, as well as his suave image that has grabbed at the hearts of many women. (he has my heart^^)I love that profile (bottom pic on left) ^_^


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