by DreamingKoreanBallad, March 19, 2019

Kim Ji Suk

Born: April 21, 1981

Height: 181cm/5'11"

Weight: 71kg/156lbs

Blood Type: AB

An actor who stole a piece of my heart slowly throughout the years.


Likeable or Not (2007)

Role: Main

A very long daily drama but I loved every minute of it. Our leads were perfect together and I remember loving every or almost every other character in this one. I've been really tempted recently to re-watch it again. He starts to work at his new father's company under the main lead as a trainee. Their romance slowly blossoms from there.

Chunho (2010)

Role: Support

This is one drama that I need to revisit, I started it only a couple of years after it aired but only made it like maybe 4 episodes in before I gave up and I don't remember my reasons for quitting either, maybe I wasn't feeling it at the time or what but... lol. I also didn't know KJS at that time. And I'm honestly NOT a big fan of Jang Hyuk's, I like him sometimes, but most of the time he "overacts" or maybe I just don't like his style of acting (there are only 1 or 2 dramas of his where I actually like his character - and they are his more "stoic" roles, I abhor his "comedy" roles). But I have been thinking about going back to this one because of KJS and Oh Ji Ho.

Personal Taste (2010)

Role: Support

This was the first drama I saw him in and I never thought I'd like him if I would see him in another drama lol - oh how time and character roles change a person. I detested his character in this drama, it wasn't until I saw him again in Angel Eyes that my interest peaked big time and my attention then went in his direction. In this drama, he stars as a cheating boyfriend who is greedy, selfish and honestly, a bit dumb and pathetic. He's a user who dates a user, how ironic.

I Need Romance 2 (2012)

Role: Main

His role looks so nice but I'm so off-put by this series that I never attempted to watch any of them. lol So unless someone gives me a strong reason why to watch this role of KJS's, then I'll have to pass it by. But thought I'd share these nice photos of it that I found on Google. ^^

Wonderful Mama (2013)

Role: Main

He plays the older brother who is a twin with the main girl. He gets fooled by women all the time, is very naive and gullible I guess. He's got an honest and loving soul and when his mom declares they are broke, he's forced to find a job and start becoming mature. In the process, he meets his middle-school classmate and starts to tutor her son in English, tries to help solve her marriage crisis, and ends up in love.

Angel Eyes (2014)

Role: Main

He's the 2nd lead, gosh, I had a hard time trying to not fall for him, but it didn't work out too well. I loved our lead, but his character was also not to be overlooked or taken lightly, he was sweet and just as lovable. He's a doctor in this and engaged and/or dating the main girl.

Another Miss Oh (2016)

Role: Main

If my memory serves me right, he plays a player in this drama and he and his sidekick lady friend are kinds of the "comedy" high in this drama. He's friends with the lead and sees the lead's sister as a crazy woman who is also dangerous to be around lol but he also somehow ends up falling for her.

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (2017)

Role: Main

KJS plays the King, whose misguided judgement of the people leads him down a slippery and bloody path. He sees people as just his "subjects" who must obey his every whine or meet with death. He believes that scaring people into submission is the only correct answer. He exalts himself like a god, all the while losing more and more of his sane mind. He did an awesome job!

20th Century Boy and Girl (2017)

Role: Main

I adored his character in this drama. ^_^ So lovable, and definitely the type I'd fall for even with the strong contender of his brother Anthony (played by Lee Sang Woo) (ok, let's be honest, he wasn't a "strong" contender for this viewer lol - he was nice but my heart was completely captured by KJS's character) who was equally as sweet. It's just that when you are on one ship, you can't abandon that ship for another that looks just about as nice. :P Nope, I was shipping this ship STRONG and unbending. I loved the bond of friendship between the leads, the connection was so special and sincere and loyal that I couldn't help but wish it to be successful! ^_^

                                              Top Star Yoo Baek (2018)

He plays a popular former idol now turned singer/actor who creates big trouble for himself (at least his manager thinks so) and basically has to go into "hiding" and is sent to a remote island to "lay-low." He is cold and rude and states his mind regardless of who it hurts. But later becomes a very warm-hearted person after discovering the value of people due to those who live on the island. I liked him throughout the drama, both cold rude and sweet and kind. ^^

Also in: Sassy Go Go, Cheongdamdong Alice, Irish Uppercut, Unkind Women, Come to Me Like a Star, Couple BreakingJust Run!, and Want to Love Again. He also has several guest appearances. He also has a few movies under his belt, unfortunately, none of them are ones I'd watch - even for him. I did watch Eye for an Eye because it's my type of movie, but I watched it for Cha Seung Won.

*As a note - In Sassy Go Go, he plays a teacher who is all for taking care of his students. He was a sweet addition to the cast.



This will conclude my article on this charming actor. ^_^ Discover more about him via Wikipedia or variety shows. ;)